Technology You Can Trust: project44’s Preferred Telematics Program

Digitizing the supply chain is no easy task. According to industry research and project44’s ongoing value engineering initiatives with customers, lack of visibility currently costs the industry €50/$68 per load in operational effort and administration in the form of inefficiencies (planning and managing exceptions, for example). However, carriers who use technology to navigate disruptions can save upwards of 10% of their operating costs through more efficient asset utilization and a data-driven understanding of their fleets.

The good news is that there are multiple ways for carriers to achieve real-time visibility using the technology they already have. project44 has integrations with more than 800 ELD/telematics providers worldwide, and for carriers who don’t have telematics, our DriveView™ app offers a mobile option for truckload tracking and is available for Apple and Android devices. For large fleets, API integrations with carriers’ TMS’ allow for direct connections with project44.

When focusing on shipment visibility, you need technology you can trust. For carriers working with project44, it’s important to look for telematics providers that easily integrate with the platform, put data security first and offer unique value to the project44 carrier network. Our Preferred Telematics Partners go above and beyond to provide the best experience for our European carriers and create the optimal experience when connecting to project44. Plus, carriers in the project44 carrier network can take advantage of special offers and discounts. Our Preferred Telematics Partners currently include:

Offers from our Preferred Telematics Partners range from basic, no installation solutions that allow carriers to transmit location data to their end customer, to more advanced solutions that include geo-fencing, eco-driving, two-way communication, tachograph compliance, as well as the monitoring of vehicle condition, driver behavior and fuel consumption.

Telematics solutions improve the lives of drivers in addition to the bottom line benefits. Drivers cite that receiving clear routing, planning, and compliance information helps decrease frustration in dealing with multiple systems. The efficiency gained through technology helps get drivers back on the road with minimum delays and frustration, which is more important than ever amid a global supply chain facing constant disruptions.