Top-Performing Carriers Recognized Through Preferred Carrier Program

At project44, we know shipment visibility is of utmost importance. End-to-end visibility creates a more seamless supply chain with fewer unknowns and more opportunity to tackle disruptions early on. Carriers that embrace shipment visibility are the reason project44 is the world’s most advanced transportation visibility platform. That’s why we launched the Preferred Carrier Program last year to recognize high-performing carriers with high tracking percentages that provide high-quality data to support real-time visibility across the supply chain.

To make the list, carriers must track at least 50 loads over a 12-month period. project44 continually monitors carrier metrics to know which carriers consistently meet and exceed already-high customer expectations. In the latest list, 622 carriers were recognized – approximately 0.5% of the global project44 carrier network.

Because we take visibility seriously, we are equally as serious about keeping carrier data safe. Preferred Carriers, just like all carriers in the project44 Carrier Network, only share tracking information for active shipments. No data is collected between shipments and drivers’ shifts and driving times are never recorded. For answers to frequently asked questions about carrier data, check out this blog post.

As visibility continues to play a larger role in carrier selection, an appearance on this list is advantageous, signaling to shippers and logistics service providers that a carrier prioritizes tracking and embraces visibility. Carriers in the project44 carrier network who have been identified as Preferred Carriers appeal to global retailers, manufacturers and distributors looking for reliable, trustworthy carriers to move their freight. Visit this blog post to learn how providing in-transit visibility through project44 impacts ReedTMS, a Preferred Carrier in the project44 carrier network.

View the North America and Europe less-than-truckload (LTL) list here.

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