Top Takeaways from Transform: project44’s Virtual Event

This month, project44 hosted Transform – the premier event for supply chain leaders and innovators. Through thought leadership sessions, expert led demonstrations, and networking opportunities, we discussed some of the most pressing challenges in the supply chain space as we know it.

Missed the event? Or you attended but couldn’t make every session? Either way – we got you covered. Here’s a breakdown of some of the biggest highlights of Transform, including thought-provoking questions from our global community and what participants were most interested in learning more about.

Top Takeaways from Transform: project44’s Virtual Event

Bringing project44 & Ocean Insights Together

This month, project44 acquired Ocean Insights, the number one solutions provider for ocean freight intelligence. This was a major talking point during Transform, given that the combination of project44 and Ocean Insights allows shippers and logistics services providers to unlock predictive insights across the globe. Not only is it a win for project44 in terms of accelerating our delivery of comprehensive, end-to-end, supply chain visibility, it’s also a win for Ocean Insights to accelerate the delivery of their best-in-the-market technology for ocean-transit visibility and intelligence to the whole world. And most importantly, our customers win. Combining these two networks, sets of industry experts, and technology powerhouses removes countless limits on what our customers can do. 

Supply Chain Visibility: PepsiCo + project44

Among the customers that joined us for Transform was PepsiCo, whose Senior Reporting Analyst, Marian Izquierdo, discussed how project44’s real-time visibility solution has helped the organization. From gaining visibility into shipments to better control of deliveries in real-time, PepsiCo has been able to increase efficiencies and eliminate manual tasks such as phone calls and emails.

Supply Chain Visibility & Digitization: AbbVie + project44

Joining us from AbbVie to discuss supply chain visibility and digitization was its Head of Global Logistics & JAPAC Distribution, Greg Pritchard. In their quest to understand where products were in transit during certain events, AbbVie implemented our visibility solution to isolate shipments in specific areas and take appropriate action. As a provider of high-value pharma products, AbbVie used project44’s visibility solution for an added a level of security in terms of knowing where shipments are in their journey, including ensuring their products remain in the proper conditions to preserve safety. Lastly, real-time visibility has helped the organization move towards an e-commerce experience for their customers.

The Future of Supply Chain Visibility

Another major highlight of Transform was our panel discussing the Future of Supply Chain Visibility. Our impressive group of panelists were industry experts Giuseppe De Vincenzi (Electrolux), Tejuan Manners (Lenovo), Dror Noach (CNH Industrial), and Bart De Muynck (Gartner).

What impacts how quickly we schedule our customers’ orders in manufacturing is visibility on the inbound freight side. We’re teaming up with project44 to address inbound in terms of accurate ETAs (Estimated Time of Arrivals), milestone tracking across all modes of transportation (air freight & ocean) and were looking at last mile. Last mile is key from port to manufacturing dock.” – Tejaun Manners, Executive Director, Data Center Group Transformation, Lenovo

Thank you to our presenters for making Transform a success! We’re looking forward to more opportunities to bring together the project44 global community.

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