Transforming project44’s Mission & Vision with the Evolving Supply Chain Industry


At the end of 2020, we looked at the project44 mission, vision, and value statements to ensure they align with the significant supply chain transformation that has occurred in recent years. This is the first time the mission has been changed since opening our doors in 2014, and we’re excited to capture the evolution that has been underway in the supply chain and logistics space and setting our sights on a bold vision for the future. 

The project44 team is deepening our commitment to the following statements: 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide a network platform which delivers advanced visibility, exception management, enables collaboration and automates processes across transportation and logistics ecosystems. 

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to increase the predictability, efficiency, agility and resilience of global supply chains improving lives and creating a more sustainable planet. 

So, why the change? The short answer is simple – to provide the best experience for our customers. The long answer is a bit more complex, including careful thought around the current climate of the supply chain as well as what to expect in the future. 

From unexpected changes amidst a pandemic to the importance of digitization and delivery expectations, the supply chain space is anything but stagnant – and we recognize the need to get ahead of the challenges faced by our customers, shippers and carrier groups. We’re sharing an inside look at how our transparency and visibility solutions are designed to pivot with industry changes. 

COVID-19 Spotlights Agility

It’s safe to say nothing has put supply chains to the test quite like the pressure and uncertainty throughout the pandemic. project44 tackled these strains head-on, seeing them as an opportunity for supply chain innovation. For example, positioning supply chain agility as a top priority. Our solutions are built to digitize the end-to-end supply chain for increased agility and advanced visibility. 

The Importance of Supply Chain Digitization

Speaking of built to digitize,’ the conversations around digitization for supply chains has increased dramatically. With these conversations comes the understanding that shippers and logistics providers can’t afford to wait until the pandemic is history to implement a digital strategy. Taking advantage of project44’s digital approach now will put supply chains in a better position to thrive and grow post-pandemic and beyond. 

Changing Delivery Expectations

The transportation and logistics space has evolved rapidly over the last several years, but 2020 brought more unexpected changes and challenges. Even beyond recent disruptions, the demand for faster, less expensive and transparent delivery is quickly picking up steam. project44 encourages companies to expand beyond their four walls to adopt a network approach and, in turn, gain the power of data and predictive insights. 

Since project44’s formation, we’ve sought to establish our solutions as an integral part of supply chain operations across the globe. That said, the events of the past year illuminated the need for bold action. We’re leaning into our revamped mission and vision as we respond to the moment, and we are proud of these new guiding principles. 

Ready to evolve with us? Learn more about project44 and why the world’s leading manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and logistics service providers trust our technology to keep their supply chains running smoothly with real-time transportation visibility. Watch our video to learn more.