Streamlining Supply Chain Management: A Case Study on UCC and project44 Integration

UCC Global Service Center specializes in the shipment of fresh fruit from Latin America across the globe. With a footprint spanning Latin America, North America, and Europe, UCC’s commitment to its 200 employees and large client base goes beyond simple delivery. At its heart, the service center functions as the back-office hub, streamlining operations from transportation, document management, pricing, and orders, all the while leveraging digital transformation strategies to stay ahead in the market.

One of the most persistent challenges faced by many in the freight forwarder sector, including UCC, is accessing real-time tracking information. UCC is one of the few freight forwarders dedicated to the import and export of fresh fruits and vegetables in LATAM. Missing a target delivery date can mean significant losses. This challenge spurred UCC’s quest for a reliable solution.

After a comprehensive selection process, UCC chose to partner with project44. The decision hinged on two pivotal offerings from project44 – cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities and real-time data integration.

How project44 Transforms UCC’s Operations

The integration with project44 is poised to bring transformative changes to UCC’s operations:

  • Real-time Updates: With project44, UCC can now update their clients in real-time, trimming response times from potentially 24-48 hours down to mere moments.
  • Data Integrity: Leveraging project44’s AI-driven historical data analysis, UCC can now provide more precise and reliable information to its customers.
  • Direct Communication: Instead of funneling information through internal offices first, UCC can directly communicate tracking data to its end customers, thereby enhancing transparency and efficiency.

Learn more about the partnership between UCC and project44 from Eraul Ramíerz, General Manager for UCC Global Service Center.

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