Visibility Means Solutions That Fit Your Business

Apart from technological constraints, one of the main reasons that it has taken so long for a true visibility solution to hit the market is that no two businesses are exactly alike. While a visibility solution might work for one stage of the shipment workflow, or address a specific mode of shipping, that doesn’t mean it will work when you change some of the variables.

While designing our solutions, p44 came to realize that it was crucial for us to create something fluid and versatile—something that can easily be adapted to fit your business’s individual needs without sacrificing any functionality for your supply chain partners.

Unparalleled Visibility Support

Making absolutely certain that your visibility data is beneficial to your customers and supply chain partners starts with making sure that it’s beneficial to you. Our team will work with yours to ensure that your most immediate logistics challenges are being met. We take a hands-on approach to tailoring our solutions so that they optimize your shipment workflow all the way from planning, through transit, and onto documentation. During the initial onboarding process, we’ll go over the details of your business with you and help you decide which solutions you need. Once we’ve established your package, we’ll help you select a method by which to consume your data (p44’s portal or TMS), we’ll even factor in your preferred carriers and the contracted rates. The process is designed to ensure that you get what you need and nothing you don’t.

Solutions For Tomorrow

The industry has seen an impressive amount of technological development in just the last few years, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. We chose APIs as our base technology for several key reasons, one of them being their strength of scalability. APIs adapt to meet the evolving needs of the technology they integrate with, making them perfect for an industry that moves quickly.

With the wealth of information accessible through our technology, you’re going to have insight into parts of your business that you previously did not. You’ll likely discover some ways to gain efficiency for your business, your partners, and your customers alike. The best part? We make that data available to you in the easiest way for you to access it, either through our portal or one of your existing systems like your TMS.

The Partners and Data Your Business Needs

Our team has spent accumulative decades building relationships with an extensive list of carrier, technology, and GPS partners. We partner and integrate with the best, and extend our relationships to you and your business to leverage to your benefit. We maintain a high standard for our API integrations, making sure that the data provided by our partners is of the highest quality. We pull in information from APIs, ELDs, and appless GPS load tracking to ensure our visibility solutions can support your business and meet your needs. Supply chain visibility relies on participation from your supply chain partners, and we already have the most technologically progressive partners in the business.

Logistics technology has entered a new era. Visibility is king, and the insights your business can gain from high quality visibility data have the ability to transform the way it functions, and become more efficient and competitive. Modern visibility data extends far beyond just tracking, and stretches across your supply chain, inside your business, and throughout your entire industry. In order to zero in on the dynamic data most useful to your company, your visibility solutions must be tailored to your business and its specific needs.