In the 1970s, the supply chain and transportation industries started using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to replace paper-based communication such as postal mail and fax communication. Somehow, in 2015, EDI is still a de facto, entrenched means of communication in our supply chain management (SCM) systems.

Currently the financial performance of the freight market is stagnant and demand is uncertain while customer requirements are constantly evolving. The impact of poor execution and supply chain inefficiency is growing more and more apparent everyday. With that, the data and information surrounding a shipment has become one of the most essential pieces of SCM. Unfortunately, that data is static, stale and incomplete. That’s why we created project44.

What is project44?

project44 provides the first standard of web services-enabled communication to the freight industry. It’s an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that uses cloud-based freight APIs to instantly connect shippers and third party logistics companies (3PLs) to transportation capacity. With our Freight APIs shippers and 3PLs can pull rate quotes in seconds, automate dispatch requests, track shipments and get delivery confirmation in real-time. Carriers connected to our network are able to get rates in front of new customers and dynamically set their pricing based on market conditions.

Think of project44 as the ITA Software of freight and transportation. ITA’s technology, which was acquired by Google in 2010 for $700M, powers travel search sites like Expedia and Kayak by connecting airlines and consumers through APIs. Similarly, project44 powers real-time freight transportation management by instantly connecting the systems that shippers, 3PLs, and carriers.

What are project44’s freight APIs?

project44’s freight APIs have quickly grown to be known as the industry standard and are driving significant change in an market historically resistant to modernization.

They improve four key shipment activities required when transporting freight – rating, dispatch, tracking and imaging. Without project44, the industry relies on arduous manual processes or unreliable data transfer through EDI.

project44’s API integrations save time and money. From a development standpoint, the system architecture is easy to customize and scale, and maintenance is minimal. The automation provided results in increased profits, decreased administrative expenses and enhanced customer satisfaction for all parties involved (shippers, 3PLs and carriers).

Freight APIs are just the foundation. Their capabilities will generate limitless opportunities for supply chains to run dynamic, transparent and proactive operations for the first time ever. Learn more about predictive analytics and dynamic pricing.

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