What is Shipment Sharing and Collaboration?

Each link in your supply chain is important—if one breaks it disrupts the rest. Today’s world demands near-perfection from your supply chain. eCommerce companies are beginning to boast one-day shipping, customers expect to know when a shipment will arrive the moment they place an order, and volume is increasing while resources are limited.

The effectiveness of your supply chain rests on your ability to collaborate with your supply chain partners. project44’s Visibility Operations Center™ simplifies the way you collaborate across teams and partners, unlocking more value for your organization and improving customer satisfaction.

Proactively Communicate to Mitigate Disruptions

Disruptions happen quickly. The faster you can engage your partners to address these disruptions, the smaller their impact will be.

The VOC enables you to keep all parties up to speed by seamlessly sharing information about shipments, customer orders, or geographical locations. Shared shipment notes and alerts can be set up to facilitate more efficient collaboration. You can have conversations on a shipment detail page directly within the application, and if you tag other users in a note they’ll be notified via email so they can start collaborating immediately. You can even securely share shipments via email with users outside of your system. The result is increased visibility for all parties, faster decision making, and more time for your team to execute more complex tasks.

You can set up alert notifications via email, text, or push so that you’re notified the moment a milestone or disruption occurs. Notifications are triggered by events such as shipment running late, drive idle time, excessive dwell, pending arrival to stop, temperature out of range, out for delivery, demurrage risks, and more.

Find the Information You Need, When You Need It

The Visibility Operations Center offers visibility information on multiple levels. The ability to curate that information is crucial, and we baked that functionality into the user interface. Sometimes you just need to quickly access something specific. The application’s smart search functionality allows you to find the right information when you need it. Every record is easily discoverable and users can categorize and search by custom attributes or tags.

Effectively sharing that information is just as important as accessing it. When you’re using a multitude of communication methods, things have a tendency to get lost or they lose their proper context. The VOC eliminates data siloing by housing all communication and information pertaining to a shipment in one place. That means no more missing vital details because they’re lost in an email thread.

Our customers were screaming about visibility and delivery issues. If we don’t deliver on time plants are shut down, costing our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour. The main reason for selecting project44 was to get that shipment visibility to our customers in real-time.

Dirk Martin

Senior Director of Transportation

Supply chains are entering a new era where massive amounts of granular information are available at our fingertips and consumer expectations are higher than ever. In order to effectively leverage that information to meet those expectations, we need streamlined, digital communication tools to improve upstream, downstream, and internal collaboration. That’s why we built the Visibility Operations Center. Schedule a demo today and unlock the true potential of the collaborative, visible supply chain.

Your supply chain, fully connected and visible.