What’s New in Movement: Releases and Updates from February, March and April

project44 was built on a culture of innovation. That extends from who and how we hire to the products we build and the updates we make. Today, we’re sharing what’s new in Movement, our advanced visibility platform, over the last several months.

Keep scrolling to learn more about what’s new in Movement from February, March and April. And if you’re ready to get started with the Movement platform today, you can learn more here.

Customers can view release notes from November, December and January here.

Usability Enhancements

In Movement you can see and manage goods in transit by the reference that matters most – whether PO, SO, STO, SKU, or other reference like BoL or customer name – and get insights into your network and the global supply chain for better decision making. This cycle we’ve been working to make it easier for users to find the information they need faster and collaborate with partners on- and off-platform.

Filters and Saved Views Customization

New Filters + Saved Views Customization

The ability to save filtered lists of orders and shipments is one of the most-used features in Movement since it enables users to find exactly what they need fast. To make these filtered lists even more valuable, we’ve added several new customization options, including the ability to edit and reorder columns in your saved views.

Share Orders + Shipments

Send order or shipment detail pages to collaborators with a click. If they’re a Movement user, they’ll simply login and move throughout the platform. If they’re not a Movement user, they will be able to see all necessary details of the record you shared but won’t be able to navigate to other pages or see any other details, ensuring your data remains secure.

Developer Portal

Our brand new Developer Portal delivers the documentation developers need, organized around their organization’s unique use case, in Movement. Even if you’re not a Movement user yet, you can explore project44’s API User Documentation, API Reference Code, and API Release Notes. Get started at developers.project44.com.

New Capabilities to Improve Tracking

Because we’re committed to helping our customers get the highest quality data from their carriers, we’ve developed many capabilities, products, and services to help our customers ensure their data is flowing into project44 and to improve its quality once received. Our latest enhancements in Movement to help our customers diagnose and fix carrier data quality problems include:

Carrier Dashboard

Connection Status Filters

Filter truckload shipments by their connections status to determine which shipments are not tracking and why so you can easily diagnose tracking issues and work with your carriers to solve them.

Carrier Tracking + Performance Dashboard

With carrier performance metrics like On Time Pickup and On Time Delivery and tracking metrics like Tracking % and Ping Frequency, you have the insights you need to conduct productive QBRs with your carriers. These insights help you make better decisions about carriers based on their performance and commitment to visibility.

Root Cause Analysis Dashboard

The RCA dashboard helps you to identify the causes of low-quality carrier data and untracked shipments. Quickly identify whether the carrier failed to send data, if aspects of the data being sent are of low quality, and/or if the key information required to create a shipment in the first place is missing. Beyond identifying the issue, RCA also provides recommendations for how to fix the issues, helping you improve tracking percentage, increase time to value in Movement, and make smarter decisions about carriers in your network. RCA is available today in beta for truckload shipments with additional enhancements and modes coming soon.

New Products to Enhance International Visibility

In addition to UI enhancements and new capabilities to improve the value of our existing products, we’re constantly innovating to deliver brand new products that deliver value in Movement—whether via UI or API. Read on for more details or check out our international visibility deep dive here.

Ro Ro Example

RoRo Visibility

Visibility for non-containerized freight, like automobiles or heavy machinery, that roll-on/roll-off. Available via Movement API + UI.

Air Door-to-Door Visibility

Door-to-door visibility for air shipments, including inland segments managed by freight forwarders. Available via Movement API + UI.

Extended Rail Visibility

Wagon-level visibility for rail shipments anywhere in the world via IoT device. Available via Movement API + UI.

Extended Ocean Visibility

Door-to-door visibility for all your ocean shipments, no matter what kind of incoterms you have. Available via Movement API + UI.

Ocean Emissions Visibility

Minimize carbon emissions by optimizing routing based on actual ocean emissions per shipment. Available via Movement API + UI.

Ocean Terminal Visibility

Gain visibility inside the terminal– including status and availability – to reduce fees and streamline land-side operations. Available via Movement API only (UI coming soon). Learn more about Ocean Terminal Visibility here.

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