What’s New in Movement: Releases and Updates from November, December and January

Every day our team is hard at work adding new functionality and enhancing features in Movement, our advanced visibility platform. We’re also co-innovating with our partners and early adopters to provide the functionality you care about most to deliver on our promise of true global multimodal end-to-end visibility with a configurable, best-in-class user experience.

This blog is the first in a series, which will walk you through a roundup of the latest and greatest in Movement from the last few months and any key features you may have missed.

Keep scrolling to learn more about what’s new in Movement. And if you’re ready to get started with the Movement platform today, you can learn more here.


All your orders and assets on any mode, anywhere in the world

See and manage goods in transit by the reference that matters most – whether PO, SO, STO, BOL, or other reference – delivering a single source of truth on goods in transit.

Easily find orders and shipments of interest

With sophisticated search and robust filters, you can quickly find the asset or order you’re looking for, whether or not you have an identifier on hand. Save filtered lists for easy future access so you can immediately see the most relevant information, every time you login.

See where your stuff is and where it’s been

Click into the map on the shipment detail page to follow your goods along their multimodal journey. Zoom in for granular historical location ping data, upcoming stops, and to view your custom and Smart geofences.

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Plan better with the most advanced ETAs

Movement delivers the industry’s most accurate predicted arrival time for every leg of a shipment journey, plus the destination, in a delightful and intuitive interface.

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Make smarter decisions with insights

Identify and solve issues with historical and real-time insights about your network and the global supply chain.

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Improve your truckload tracking with Root Cause Analysis

Get a unified view of all your untracked shipments and recommended actions for fixing tracking with your carriers. Intelligently prioritize fixes with the highest potential impact and take action – all within Movement.

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Get ahead of containers at risk of incurring demurrage fees

Ocean analytics in Movement gives you a snapshot of in-transit containers, including all containers potentially incurring fees so you can better prioritize movement out of terminals.

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Share details with colleagues to collaborate in Movement

Send order or shipment detail pages to collaborators with a click. If they’re a Movement user, they’ll simply login and move throughout the platform. If they’re not a Movement user, they will be able to see all necessary details of the record you shared but won’t be able to navigate to other pages or see any other details, ensuring your data remains secure.

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Download details on thousands of orders or shipments

Need to share details of more than one record? Easy! Export up to 10,000 orders or shipments to a csv file that you can download or share with a colleague for off-platform analysis.

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