What’s New in Movement: Updates from May through August

At project44, we’re constantly evolving our products to help you stay ahead in the ever-changing supply chain landscape. Today, you can dive into the newest additions to Movement, our advanced visibility platform.

Keep reading to learn more about what’s new in Movement from May, June, July, and August. For more information about the Movement platform and how it can benefit your supply chain, click here.

Customers can view detailed release notes and user guides for all Movement updates here.

UI enhancements for finding what you need, faster

Many of our recent Movement improvements are making it easier for users to more quickly surface the shipments that most need their attention, helping them prioritize and act on them more quickly. Our new landing page displays a breakdown of shipments, orders, and shortcuts to saved views immediately upon login, while filter and column enhancements make it easier to get answers about orders and shipments with minimal clicks. And with the power of generative AI, Movement GPT helps users identify shipments of interest in moments using natural language.

Q3 Movement 1

Analytics for smarter decision-making

New and enhanced dashboards deliver machine learning-powered insights about your carriers, lanes, and shipments to enable data-driven decision making about your network and supply chain. The new LTL analytics dashboard provides historical insights about every less-than-truckload shipment tracked with project44, as well as the carriers that move them. Recent enhancements to the Root Cause Analysis dashboard help customers maximize visibility by providing insights about full truckload shipments that failed to track and recommended actions to fix them.

Q3 Movement 2

The new Network Health dashboard defines data quality standards and evaluates carriers against them, allowing shippers/LSPs to see which carriers are providing the highest quality data and which ones are falling short. Tracking trends help ensure the strongest-performing carriers remain in network and help customers prioritize the carriers with declining performance for outreach so they can address issues before they escalate into significant problems.

New carrier experience for improved data quality

To ensure that carriers have the information they need to maximize the quality of the data they share with project44 and give their customers visibility, we recently made Movement available for full truckload carriers, giving them the same visibility and shipment insights available to project44 customers. This single source of truth improves transparency and helps carriers gain total visibility, proactively fix tracking issues, and deliver an outstanding customer experience that wins them repeat business with shippers and LSPs that value visibility.

Q3 Movement 3

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