ZIM and 2M Alliance Agree to Extend their Collaboration on the USEC and USGC Trade Routes

In a recent customer advisory, ZIM has announced that they have reached an agreement with their 2M alliance partners to extend their existing operational collaboration agreement on the Asia – US East Coast and Asia – US Gulf Coast trade routes. The deal is based on a full slot exchange and vessel sharing agreement and will be effective from April 1, 2022.

In addition, ZIM has also announced the launch of ZIM Med Pacific (ZMP), an independent pendulum service designed to cater to its customers’ needs on the “Asia to Mediterranean and Pacific North-West (PNW)” trade routes. Their current collaboration with 2M will be terminated on these routes, effective April 1, 2022.

According to Eli Glickman, ZIM President & CEO, the company has secured the required short and long-term capacity to meet the growing demand and competitively serve their customers, particularly on the various transpacific routes. The company is pleased to continue its collaboration with the 2M partners on the Asia to US East Coast and Gulf coast trade routes.

MSC has also published a separate advisory stating that the slot swapping agreement between ZIM and the 2M alliance on the Pacific North-West (Asia – Canada) and Asia – Mediterranean trade routes will end starting April 1, 2022. After that, these networks and services will be operated exclusively by the 2M partners, which will remain unchanged.

The MSC services that will be impacted on these two trades are:

  • Asia-Mediterranean: Phonex & Tiger
  • Pacific North-West: Eagle & Maple