We relentlessly pursue excellence, challenge conventions, and deliver transformative products with real world impact.

Our Philosophy

Build for the future

We prioritize building for the future, ensuring our products have strong foundations to continue driving meaningful outcomes by building on what came before.

Focus on value

We know that a deep understanding of our customers is essential to delivering value, and we are laser focused on solving complex problems so that we build products that matter.

Develop exceptional talent

We are committed to nurturing exceptional talent, pushing boundaries, and fostering an environment where our team members can thrive.

We are a team of enthusiastic technology nerds.

That thrive on solving complex problems for even more complex workflows.

To deliver value-driven products in our pursuit of excellence.

To deliver value-driven products in our pursuit of excellence.

project44 is a great place to grow while solving some of supply chain’s most impactful problems. I’m inspired everyday when talking to customers about how our product is improving their workflows.

Nick R.
Sr Manager, Product

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