How Efret partners with project44 to 3x efficiency and 5x capacity

Efret, a European-based transport company that provides commercial road freight solutions, places process, technology, and automation at the heart of their business. This enables them to create innovative transportation solutions at competitive costs while meeting the growing needs of an ever-evolving industry.


The ability to adapt to customer needs and expectations has always been at the heart of Efret’s business. But without clear visibility into loads, they could not operate efficiently or at the highest level for their customers. So, providing visibility and tracking information became a necessity. 

Furthermore, massive growth inhibited the company’s ability to respond to their customers’ needs in a timely manner. In 2017, this rapid expansion was made clear when Efret’s volume increased from 250 jobs to more than 1,000 in a matter of days. 

To scale the business and deliver for their customers, Efret needed to enable each employee to take on additional volume. The company also needed to free up more time to focus on business development and customer support. 

It was clear Efret could no longer rely on antiquated freight forwarding methods and needed to quickly pivot. 


Efret specializes in Full Mega Trailer Loads throughout Europe, and their customers include international e-retailers, automotive, FMCG businesses and many more. A large majority of shippers in Europe (Efret’s customers) require freight forwarders to provide visibility and tracking, so it was critical for Efret to implement a visibility solution with trusted and reliable data. By partnering with project44, Efret was able to expand their new business opportunities and take on additional loads from customers with these requirements.

The company’s partnership with project44 also improved their overall operational efficiency. Efret needed to take on additional volume to grow their business year over year. By integrating a comprehensive visibility solution to free up time for team members, Efret not only met, but exceeded customer expectations. So, when it came to handling additional volume during peak season, Efret quintupled their capacity without adding additional temporary staff, and above all did so without diminishing customer satisfaction – thanks to the joint efforts of Efret and project44.


3X team efficiency with automation and tracking from project44

Ability to scale up volume from non-peak to peak season without adding additional temporary staff

Ability to take on 5X additional volume by cutting out manual tasks and communication

project44 gives Efret team members time back in their day to focus on relationship building and business development, which grows the business, reduces churn, and ultimately improves the overall customer experience

  • The less time they [Efret’s operators] have to spend trying to find out about a load is time gained working on another load.

    Alex Paterson
    Business Development
  • Our partnership with project44 allows us to provide detailed tracking information to our customers including where a load has been, where it’s stopped, and where it’s headed. All of this is done via a seamless integration between project44 and our own telematics system. This automatic process frees up time for our team to focus on customer support, enablement, and new business.

    Alex Paterson
    Business Development
  • Our volume really exploded in 2017, literally exploded four, five-fold overnight, from one week to another. So, from 250 jobs a week, we moved to 1,000 jobs a week. And at the time, it was completely impossible to use the old-fashioned way of freight forwarding and checking the volumes, checking the on-time deliveries and collections.

    Alain Jestin

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