Girteka Case Study

Girteka Logistics is the largest European asset-based transportation company, transporting more than 820,000 full truck loads (FTLs) every year. The company grew from just 600 trucks in 2010 to 8,000 trucks across Europe, Scandinavia, and CIS countries in 2022. With a team of more than 20,000 members, Girteka Logistics is a leading FTL (Full Truck Load) transporter trusted by the largest global companies.


Girteka was looking to solve visibility-related issues with their subcontracted shipments and external fleet. To get load status for these shipments, team members needed to go through manual steps like calling for updates. Instead, Girteka sought to automate this process to make overall load tracking more efficient.

Since Girteka manages large and complex operations, it was challenging to oversee and monitor a multitude of events. So, an advanced solution to automate processes and ease both internal and external daily communication was needed.

The company sought to do away with inefficient and manual processes that diminished the customer experience. For example, if a customer wanted to receive an update regarding their shipment’s status, they had to email or call customer care. There was no self-serve option. The customer would then get an update of the current shipment position and planned arrival time, but any further deviations made this information irrelevant.


After assessing challenges and opportunities for improvement, the team considered various data aggregators to deploy across the organization. Girteka needed a solution that would guarantee tranquility in their operations and provide customers with a self-service option to monitor shipment status.

Partnering with project44 enabled the team to be more proactive and provided the visibility to check shipment location, ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival), and temperature (for refrigerated loads) at any time during delivery. The project44 platform gave Girteka a holistic view of all their shipments and therefore the ability to configure customized dashboards for various events.

The implementation gave Girteka’s customers two options for shipment monitoring:

  1. Direct Visibility Link: A unique link shared digitally providing information about a particular load
  2. Visibility Dashboard: A self-service portal where customers can find past and current shipments

Girteka successfully integrated the project44 platform with their other systems for full visibility across their tech stack. The project44 platform receives information about new shipments from Girteka’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems as well as telematics data including coordinates, temperature, and ETA for all tasks. project44 also enables the team to receive updates from their expedition partners and expedited shipments. 


After partnering with project44, Girteka enhanced their customers’ experience and improved overall satisfaction and efficiency. What used to take hours and countless steps is now handled by project44’s technology seamlessly and in a matter of minutes.

Before project44, a single customer care manager had to respond to an email or call, connect to the transport management system, check the status of the truck and the estimated time of arrival, and then communicate back to the client about the shipment’s status. Now the client receives a project44 link two hours before the shipment and can click and check the status of said shipment on their own time throughout the entire journey. 

Significant reduction in check-calls and “where is my order” (WISMO) emails

Increased efficiency and reduction of manual tasks

Improved data accuracy

An enhanced and streamlined customer experience – Girteka has virtually eliminated the need for phone calls when it comes to communication regarding track and trace info, freeing up time for more value-added activities from customer facing teams

  • Now, these [manual] steps are not necessary as the client receives a project44 link two hours before shipment and can click and check the status of the shipment independently.

    Pavel Kveten
    Chief Operating Officer
  • As the largest asset-based transportation company in Europe, we have a clear aim to be the obvious first choice for clients, colleagues, partners, the community, and shareholders.

    Edvardas Liachovičius
    CEO of Girteka Holding
  • As a company, we have developed a solid foundation towards shaping the future intelligent enterprise and strategically investing into technologies that support our vision to become the market shaping, top ten European logistics leader. We have a strong long-term partnership with project44, and already leverage their market recognized RTV solution. The next step is to leverage the Movement platform which will allow us to better manage data from carriers and customers enabling greater collaboration, access to real-time insights and streamlined workflows across the supply chain.

    Edvardas Liachovičius
    CEO of Girteka Holding

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