Heinloth Transport wanted to improve the customer experience by providing real-time visibility into shipments.


Heinloth Transport struggled to optimize use of its LTL capacity and provide customers with a real-time delivery experience. They needed a solution to harness disparate data into a centralized location.


project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform™ offers Heinloth data across all integrated units into a single user interface. Integrating providers’ various telematics systems into that single interface is easily accomplished. 


Customers have access to the most accurate information

Time-consuming status inquiries have been eliminated

As an expanding company, the Heinloth Group must focus on digitization and process optimization. The complex manual work undertaken in the past required a great deal of costly human resources. The automatic processing of data provided by project44 is the most effective and efficient tool to proactively support tour planning and generate high added value in quality and time savings.

Sebatian Prinzing
Manager of Projects

About Heinloth Transport GmbH

Heinloth Transport GmbH & Co. KG is a mid-sized managed transport group that brings innovation, flexibility and a sustainable business model to the industry to better compete in international markets. As a trans-border European hauler, Heinloth’s main focus is on land transportation of freight transport and contract logistics. Its fleet comprises over 600 pulling vehicles, and the company employs more than 400 people.

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