Leading eCommerce Company Enhances Middle Mile Lanes with Advanced Visibility

The world’s largest ecommerce company, known as an innovator for delivery experience, faced challenges obtaining accurate visibility into middle mile lanes in Europe. To gain the data and insights needed to optimize their network and ensure the experience their customers expect, they turned to project44 in order to leverage the largest carrier network.


A lack of complete and reliable data

The largest ecommerce retailer struggled to gain accurate insight into the critical pull time (CPT) at fulfillment centers and critical entry time (CET) at sort centers. Without the ability to pinpoint the cause of issues, whether it was a delayed carrier or inefficiencies at the fulfillment or sort center, the retailer could not take action or proactively manage downstream delays.

They were reliant on manual and incomplete logs as well as self-reported carrier data. With these delays impacting Delivery Estimate Accuracy (DEA), they needed advanced visibility into their middle mile lanes.


Improved planning with accurate insight

The ecommerce company turned to project44’s extensive carrier network and high-fidelity tracking to determine defect root causes for middle mile freight, which allows them to better evaluate lanes by improving origin, carrier, and destination performance and enhancing processes.

By leveraging visibility data by lane and by carrier, they are able to investigate trends and partner with the fulfillment centers, carriers, and sort centers to resolve issues with actionable insights.


Achieved 95%+ compliance from more than 2,500 carriers.

Quickly identified areas of improvement with comprehensive data into their middle mile lanes in Europe.

Resolved recurring issues and delays at their fulfillment and sort centers to ultimately improve delivery performance.

Conducted enhanced lane analyses to determine where they can increase efficiencies with private fleets.

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