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Agility in Uncertain and Challenging Times

project44 enables you to adjust plans and manage your end-to-end supply chain with both precision and flexibility – even under the stress of major disruptions and widespread uncertainty.


Get accurate, real-time ETAs powered by AI and machine learning – enabling you to prioritize essential inventory and develop alternative solutions to mitigate potential missed deliveries or out of stocks.


Meet expectations at the lowest possible cost – ensuring products are available when your customers need them while maximizing throughput, minimizing production downtime, and reducing inventory levels.​


Access the high-fidelity data and network optionality needed to identify and address “hot spots” or bottlenecks – allowing you to quickly make changes in response to disruptions.

Supply Chain Resiliency
The Advanced Visibility Platform™

Powering a Resilient Supply Chain

Actionable Real-Time Visibility

The quicker you have visibility into potential disruptions, the faster you can react. project44 ensures all stakeholders can make rapid decisions based on the most accurate information.

Automated Workflows

In times of uncertainty, manual processes will be your weakest link. Offering the only full shipment lifecycle automation solution in the market today, project44 enables greater workforce collaboration and efficiency.

Frictionless Collaboration

Ensure your suppliers and partners are operating from a single source of truth – enabling frictionless upstream and downstream collaboration across your end-to-end supply chain.

Modal/Geographic Optionality

project44 delivers the greatest modal and geographic coverage of any visibility provider delivering you with the ability to rapidly leverage suppliers in other geographies or alternate modes of shipping product.

Network Breadth and Depth

Find agility to control volatile operating conditions. project44 provides our customers immediate access to the largest global carrier network and delivers the only application to fully automate onboarding.

Reliable and Secure Solutions

We're built upon a cloud-based platform which delivers enterprise-grade reliability. This reliable infrastructure, with numerous redundancies and constant monitoring, ensures consistent access to data.

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