Maersk Line

Maersk Shipping Line

A Member of the A.P. Moller Group, Maersk is a nonsectarian container logistics firm. With substantial experience in the industry with nearly 80,000 employees, Maersk Line is known for streamlining trade and assisting its clients in expanding and prospering. Maersk ideates to ensure safe business practices and follow the core values and principles. 

Maersk Line Tracking

Project44’s Container Tracker is the first to consolidate container liner schedules and carriers’ container tracking information, including inert AIS vessel tracking data, creating a benchmark in ocean logistics outlining and taking it to new levels. 

Our clients have experienced an approximately 40% increase in the quality of data. It elucidates essential transportation fidelity, fewer incidents, and supply chain obstructions that come from unexpected impediments.

Maersk Line Schedule

Project44 delivers the most extensive data on shipping lines and services, including Maersk Shipping Line globally. The project44 Container Sailing Schedule Tool is used to connect data and deliver real-time and accurate results within seconds. This allows the customer to make a choice and make versed settlements that improve the supply chain performance.