Port intel

Take control of global disruptions with real-time insights 

Tap into global insights on port and vessel activity, in real time. Plan proactively, handle exceptions, and expertly problem-solve for customers.

Identify risks and opportunities

Identify risks and opportunities

With up-to-the-minute insights into port, terminal, and vessel operations, quickly understand risk areas and fluctuations in congestion for any route and port, across the globe.

Make smarter routing decisions

Make smarter routing decisions

Timely insights on container import/export dwell times, vessel anchor and berthing durations, vessel counts, congestion, and more enables better decision-making.

Improve reporting and communication

Improve reporting and communication

Bridge the gap between supply chain teams and other stakeholders through easy-to-understand visualizations of port congestion and communicate trends to stakeholders across the business.

Test drive Port Intel

Select a port below to explore an interactive map featuring import/export dwell times, vessel berthing dwell durations, anchor dwell times, and more.

Movement Initiate

Every port. One dashboard.


Unmatched global precision

Explore an interactive map of all global ports with 20-meter precision to 11,800 berths.

Unmatched Global Precision

Snapshot views of ports of interest

Deep dive into container import/export dwell times, vessel berthing dwell durations, anchor dwell times, and vessel counts for relevant ports.

Snapshot views of ports of interest

Analyze changes in dwell over time to identify congestion trends and evaluate shipping volatility.

Historical dwell trends

With our customers and partners always bracing for the next supply chain disruption, having port intelligence is a massive edge. It’s the type of data solution that our team will use daily.

JR Ferry
Director of Transportation and Logistics,
ATEC Systems

Stay on track with accurate ETAs and proactive alerts that focus teams on shipments that matter most. Get ahead with sophisticated insights about your network and the global supply chain. 

Sailing Schedules

Optimize your routes and carrier selections based on exclusive and reliable information since project44 monitors 5 million+ schedules daily. 


Optimize land-side operations and minimize accessorial fees with real-time data on container status and availability within the terminal. 

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