Monitor, manage, and mitigate D&D

Detention and demurrage (D&D) costs can exceed $10M annually for global shippers, and a lack of reliable data makes tackling the problem nearly impossible. Detention & Demurrage Optimization from project44 delivers timely information on shipments so you can optimize container movement based on real cost impact and save millions in fees annually. 

Slash accessorial fees

Identify containers incurring or at risk of incurring D&D charges and coordinate container pickups to minimize demurrage costs. 

Dispatch right on time

Container availability and underlying hold status information ensures that drayage is dispatched to the right location at the right time. Historical data enables you to audit confirmed pick-up and gate messages to refute any inappropriate charges.

Improve operational efficiency 

Historical data enables you to identify high-demurrage terminals and carriers and understand underlying reasons for incidents so you can develop supply chain-wide solutions. 

Movement Visibility

Detention & Demurrage Optimization in Movement


Critical data points

Stay informed about the progress of your shipments with essential updates on container status, including up-to-the-moment information about holds, customs clearance, availability for pickup, and last free day.

Critical data points

Custom contracts

Proactively and confidently mitigate D&D expenses with cost information informed by your custom tariff contracts.

Custom contracts

Expansive coverage

Get visibility for containers moving through more terminals in more places.

Expansive coverage

Actionable insights

Explore demurrage and detention charges, along with historical penalty context, to ensure efficient operations and proactive cost control.

Actionable insights
Steam Logistics

With project44’s extended capabilities, providing accurate and actionable visibility in the terminal, we’re now better equipped than ever to provide an even greater value to our customers and carriers.

Jon Poehnelt
Chief Commercial Officer
Steam Logistics

Stay on track with accurate ETAs and proactive alerts that focus teams on shipments that matter most. Get ahead with sophisticated insights about your network and the global supply chain. 

Sailing Schedules

Optimize your routes and carrier selections based on exclusive and reliable information since project44 monitors 5 million+ schedules daily. 

Port Intel

Steer clear of port congestion and extended dwell times using real-time global container and vessel dwell data. From everyday exceptions, to black swan events, project44 has you covered. 

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