project44 Announces New Capabilities to Transform E-Commerce Delivery Experience and Cut Customer Service Calls in Half

E-commerce retailers and brands can create differentiated post-purchase consumer experiences that drive loyalty and reduce Where is My Order (WISMO) requests

CHICAGO, May 4, 2023 – project44, the leading supply chain visibility platform, today announced two new self-service capabilities that enable E-Commerce retailers to take control of the post-purchase customer experience. Configurable Branded Tracking & Alerts empowers teams to proactively communicate unprecedented levels of shipment and order intelligence to consumers that will increase Net Promoter Scores (NPS), decrease WISMO requests, and drastically reduce the time required to resolve customer service calls.

“E-Commerce delivery has continued to increase in complexity as the number of delivery options grows and consumer expectations for faster delivery times increases,” said Jett McCandless, founder and CEO of project44. “Our new customizable, self-service software tools give digital experience, customer care, and logistics teams the power to differentiate on customer experience and create loyalty after a purchase is made.

project44’s Configurable Branded Tracking & Alerts for e-commerce shippers will bring a new level of control to the post-purchase experience, a primary way to turn one-time online buyers into loyal recurring customers. While most solutions in the market are limited to passing through carrier data on generic looking branded tracking pages, project44’s new capabilities empower teams to surface additional exceptions and customize the customer experience across their portfolio to accurately reflect brand voice.

“The last mile of the Supply Chain is a key opportunity for us to differentiate from the competition and deliver an excellent customer delivery experience,” said Kristen Kravitz, VP, Supply Chain at Abercrombie & Fitch Co. “Configurable Branded Tracking allows us to proactively communicate with customers about shipment status to reduce WISMO requests in a manner that reflects our brand voice and is easy for our team to update and customize.”

Configurable Branded Tracking & Alerts surfaces highly accurate shipment and order data from project44’s differentiated last mile dataset, which has tracked more than 19 billion shipment events to date. Through proprietary machine learning models, project44’s Last Mile eCommerce platform surfaces three-times more last mile shipment exceptions than standard carrier data and offers 25 shipment status types compared to the standard 4 offered by carriers. This highly accurate data, combined with no-code tooling to create branded tracking pages and alerts, enables customers to proactively communicate more order information that any other solution on the market, reducing customer service calls and WISMO requests.

“Taking control of the customer experience requires communicating proactively to customers to improve their experience while also reducing our team’s time spent managing WISMO requests,” said Tawnee Saunders, Director of Operations, Customer Experience at LifeSeasons. “Our team used project44 to both reduce WISMO calls for our customer service department while simultaneously reducing the time spent on managing the WISMO requests we do get by 50%.”

The newly announced capabilities include:

  • Branded Tracking Pages: Enables teams to create branded tracking pages via a self-service approach. Unlike existing branded tracking solutions in the market, project44’s Branded Tracking Pages allow retailers to simply use templates and modules to create custom tracking pages that reflect your brand and improve the post-purchase consumer experience.
  • Branded Alerts: No more disjointed, off-brand shipment alerts from carriers. Branded Alerts let customers reflect their brand voice and design for shipment and order alerts that are shared with customers via email or SMS. Retailers need to improve the customer experience at all stages of the post-purchase customer journey.

Today, project44’s Last Mile eCommerce Platform is used by industry leaders such as Costco, Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus and Veyer and customer experience innovators such as Brooklinen, Hello Fresh, and Urban Stems.

To learn more about project44’s Configurable Branded Tracking & Alerts and other e-commerce offerings, visit project44’s website.