Project44 Announces Supply Chain Crisis Tracker to Monitor Impact of Black Swan Events

Crisis tracker provides current insight into events which impact and disrupt global supply chains.

Chicago – February 14, 2022 – As the global supply chain begins to feel the impact of Freedom Convoy trucker protests, project44 is announcing a new publicly-available Supply Chain Crisis Tracker. The tracker will monitor and share the effect of black swan events such as the Freedom Convoy and Ukraine and Russia conflict on supply chains via regular updates on truck delivery performance. As the world’s leading real-time transportation visibility platform, project44 tracks multi-modal movements such as truck shipments throughout the United States, Canada, and around the world.

“project44 is uniquely positioned to gauge the impact of events such as the recent truck protest blockades on supply chains and provide insight into how deliveries are impacted,” said Jett McCandless, project44 founder and CEO. “Every day our platform provides shippers, 3PLs, and their customers with information on the progress of their shipments in transit so they can be proactive in taking steps to deal with exceptions to scheduled deliveries. This becomes even more important in a crisis.”

Companies dependent on cross-border deliveries, such as those in the auto industry, are already reeling from the impact of the trucker blockades at major cross-border points. In the last 24 hours, the tracker has shown improving trucking conditions in Canada, as law enforcement re-opens travel routes. As the impact of the blockades ripple through the supply chain, project44’s Supply Chain Crisis Tracker will provide an overview of the impact on truck transportation. The tracker will provide updates on other geopolitical events impacting trucking, such as the emerging situation in Ukraine.

project44’s advanced visibility platform tracks more than one billion shipments annually transported by more 140,000 carriers across all modes in 170 plus countries. More than 1,000 customers use project44 to monitor shipment status in real-time, receive predictive time of shipment arrivals, and gain data insights on carrier and route performance.

project44 currently shares real-time information on transportation trends on its Supply Chain Insights page. Reports on the impact of disruptions can be found on the Supply Chain Crisis Tracker.