project44 Delivers Full Lifecycle Truckload Automation Capabilities

New API services enable shippers and logistics service providers to easily request quotes and tender shipments, eliminating manual processes and inefficiencies

CHICAGO, IL (September 17, 2019)– To improve agility and operational efficiencies, shippers and logistics providers are increasingly identifying ways to automate manual processes. To further streamline and automate the manual Truckload shipping process, project44, the global leader in advanced visibility for shippers and logistics service providers, today announced the addition of a new Truckload tendering capability to its Advanced Visibility Platform™. This innovative offering eliminates freight system friction and data silos, removing the need for users to leave their Transportation Management System (TMS) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to secure quotes.

From freight procurement, to real-time tracking, to automating settlement integrations, project44 now offers the most compressive suite of modern over-the-road solutions, enabling their growing global customer base to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and deliver an exceptional Amazon-like experience to their customers.

The new tendering capability enables project44 customers to automatically request Truckload shipment quotes directly from their TMS, ERP, or other systems of record. After viewing quotes, they can tender their shipment without needing to login to a separate interface. Data on the shipment can also be directly integrated into the carrier’s systems after their quote is accepted. With this capability project44 customers no longer need to enter the same data into multiple systems or marketplaces. This eliminates redundant manual processes, reduces the chance for human error, and simplifies audit processes – increasing operational efficiency for shippers and carriers alike.

“This represents the next wave of automation capabilities for project44. As demonstrated by our Less-Than-Truckload and Truckload full lifecycle automation solutions, project44 has been built from the ground up to deliver shippers, logistics service providers and carriers end-to-end visibility on and automation of all their key shipping processes,” said project44 Chief Strategy Officer Mike Reed. “By seamlessly connecting shippers, LSPs, marketplaces, and carriers, we are now making tendering and dispatching a shipment a much faster, more efficient, and valuable experience.”

Currently shippers and logistics service providers can leverage project44’s full lifecycle multimodal automation capabilities via direct API or through digital freight marketplaces. To learn more, email