project44 Embeds SupplyStack’s Time Slot Booking for Extended Warehouse Visibility

Real-time visibility and predictive ETAs combined with time slot booking enable distribution center managers to combat congestion at the docks.

CHICAGO and ANTWERP, Belgium, April 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — project44, the global leader in supply chain visibility, today announced another development in its strategic partnership with Belgian-based SupplyStack, a maker of transportation management apps. Project44 will now include SupplyStack’s Time Slot Booking solution in its Visibility Operations Center™ (VOC), extending project44’s global real-time visibility beyond the road and into warehouse operations. With Time Slot Booking in the VOC, project44 will also provide shippers, facilities, and logistics service providers additional insights to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Time Slot Booking from project44, powered by SupplyStack, provides dynamic appointment management by marrying real-time visibility with modern dock scheduling.

Dock managers and carriers alike will benefit from a streamlined slot selection process, eliminating the need for manual calls to make or appointments to change. Appointments can be set automatically based on project44’s sophisticated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) calculations, and notifications for rescheduling are automatically sent when the original slot is no longer feasible.

“Our partnership with SupplyStack empowers us to connect and optimize yet another critical step in the delivery lifecycle for our customers, increasing productivity and reducing the possibility of human error,” said Jett McCandless, founder and CEO at project44. “This native integration is possible thanks to both SupplyStack and project44’s comprehensive API infrastructure, which allows us to add a range of premier capabilities, such as slot booking, into our product while creating an engaging user experience.”

Congested loading ramps can be frustrating for the operators as well as the carriers and drivers. Time Slot Booking levels out these peaks throughout the day. While classic slot booking solutions focus only on scheduling, actual truck arrivals are often impacted by a host of factors such as weather and traffic congestion, and off-schedule truck deliveries cause delays and can jeopardize production lines or customer deliveries. The integration between project44 and SupplyStack solves this problem by providing dynamic appointment management that combines predictive ETAs, available capacity, and facility parameters into its system logic.

“Today a lot of warehouse managers are working in the dark, with no sense of when incoming trucks will arrive,” said Nick Poels, CEO of SupplyStack. “The unique combination of SupplyStack’s Time Slot Booking app and project44’s real-time visibility platform gives warehouse operators the insights they need to dynamically adapt the schedule and reflect real conditions on the ground. When a truck is running late, the corresponding loading slot’s ETA will turn red and alert the warehouse operator so they can swap with a driver that arrived early, providing the time and cost savings that are so crucial to the supply chain.”

Carrier adoption plays a crucial role in successfully implementing and operating a time slot booking solution. Vernon O’Donnell, chief product and services officer at p44, explains, “Carrier relationships are so important. We don’t charge the carrier for each slot booked or to join project44’s visibility network. In the self-service portal, carriers can simply book available slots at their own convenience. We were impressed by SupplyStack’s obsession with the user experience in all of its Transportation Management Apps, not just Slot Booking. Designed to make life easier for carriers as well as shippers, we’re looking forward to our customers experiencing those benefits in real time when it counts.”

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