project44 Extends Advanced Visibility Platform with New Truckload Capabilities

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–project44 (p44), the world’s leading advanced visibility platform for shippers and third-party logistics firms, today announced an extensive portfolio of new Truckload tracking capabilities to their rapidly expanding advanced visibility platform aimed at empowering organizations to ship more efficiently and provide greater customer satisfaction.

The newly launched capabilities further enable project44’s growing customer base of manufacturers, retailers, distributors, wholesalers, and logistics providers to meet on-demand customer expectations, lower costs while increasing productivity, reduce driver dwell time and dock congestion, better manage inventory, and satisfy tight or just-in-time delivery requirements.
Access data via a direct TMS integration or with project44’s cloud-based portal, which provides a seamless experience between desktop and mobile devices.

project44’s commitment to high-quality data provides customers deep insights at the “speed of thought,” and delivers a solid foundation for advanced, predictive analytics. More specifically, project44’s new truckload capabilities within the Advanced Visibility Platform:

    • Deliver accurate and proactive tracking: project44 retrieves location updates from carriers via ELD, telematics, direct APIs, app-less tracking, or smartphone applications, then enriches the data and applies predictive analytics to deliver more accurate, proactive Truckload arrival, pickup, location, ETA, and delivery information than ever before.

    • Enable dynamic, predictive delivery times: ETAs are available pre-pickup through to delivery, dynamically change with every data point and are responsive to real-time conditions, including traffic patterns, weather and road conditions. Road constraints (i.e. maximum height or weight of a vehicle) will also be considered in order to predict the most likely driver route. Finally, driver hours of service will be factored in to predict driver idle time, and further refine the accuracy of the ETA.

    • Allow for personalized notifications and more meaningful collaboration: Configurable, rule-based email, SMS, API updates, or push notifications ensure that internal and external teams are empowered with the latest shipment information improving organization-wide decision making and proactive collaboration. A multi-tiered, time-based (geofenced) threshold can be applied to trigger events allowing for more flexible altering.

    • Reduce cold chain risk with live temperature control: Track temperature in real-time across cold chains via connections to a wide variety of IoT sources, allowing users to receive alerts as soon as exceptions occur to ensure freshness and avoid loss.

One such customer leveraging project44’s advanced visibility solutions is Univar, a leading global chemical and ingredients distributor. Dirk Martin, Senior Director of Transportation, commented that, “At Univar, it is our vision to be the most valued chemical and ingredient distributor in the world. Delivering the best customer experience is critical to our success, and transportation and delivery are enormously influential on our customers’ experiences. By incorporating dynamic factors like weather and traffic into predictive delivery assessments and allowing for the robust customization of alert messages, the project44 platform delivers real-time ETA insights, enables more proactive business decisions, and is helping us perfect the delivery experience for our customers.”

To generate the industry’s most accurate tracking information and arrival times, project44 is connected to over 175,000 global carriers, 92% of all domestic ELD/telematics devices, and has out-of-box integrations with 57 TMS vendors. This one-to-many model ensures fast and frictionless onboarding for all customers.

“We have built our advanced visibility platform that delivers complete transparency into real-time locations and predictive delivery estimates of Full Truckload shipments, regardless of truck type,” commented Mike Reed, Chief Strategy Officer at project44. “Our modular and easy-to-implement model ensures that all project44 customers are quickly setup for success now, and in the future.”

To learn more and schedule a demo, visit or contact the p44 team at 1-312-376-8883.