project44 Introduces Free Technology Assessment for Carriers

Transportation Technology Company is First-to-Market with Carrier API Health Check

CHICAGO – November 17, 2015 – After quickly becoming the industry standard for web service APIs, project44 has introduced a free API assessment test for carriers. The progressive Chicago-based technology company now offers a Carrier API Health Check to analyze the APIs a carrier uses to connect with their shipper and 3PL customers and measure how their capabilities compare to other carriers and industry averages.

Through project44’s API Health Check, carriers with APIs can run a 72-hour health scan to evaluate more than 15 key technical capabilities of their APIs including:

  • Speed and Accuracy of Rating – Tracks a carrier’s ability to provide fast and accurate rating information to potential customers.
  • Automating Pickup Requests – Analyzes a carrier’s ability to receive a pickup request and automatically return a confirmation number to a shipper or 3PL via API.
  • Number of Tracking Codes and Accuracy of Tracking Data – Investigates a carrier’s ability to provide clear, accurate shipment tracking information in an automated way.
  • Delivery Confirmation and Documentation – Examines the technical ability of a carrier’s APIs to transmit delivery data in real-time.

“Through our Carrier Health Check evaluation, carriers will see what they are doing well and where they can improve based on the results of other carriers and industry averages,” said Co-Founder and CTO of project44 Wally Ibrahim. “The carriers who make adjustments according to our assessment will be best equipped to increase profits, reduce the cost of billing errors or discrepancies and improve customer satisfaction through increased visibility – ultimately building their chances of success in today’s competitive market.”

Carriers need strong APIs to provide shippers and 3PLs with the most accurate information about a shipment in the fastest way possible. The goal of a Carrier Health Check report is to ensure all supply chain connections are running at optimal rates. The results arm carriers with the necessary data to execute proactive, competitive strategies that optimize their network, improve customer satisfaction and grow market share and profits.

In August of 2015, project44 introduced a Dynamic Pricing Engine to help carriers increase profitability and optimize capacity by allowing them to set on-demand pricing based on supply and demand in the marketplace. The addition of this Carrier API Health Check, which precedes a significant 2.0 release of the project44 freight APIs slated for January 2016, continues to advance the technology company’s portfolio of cutting-edge products focused on helping shippers, 3PLS and carriers successfully operate in today’s competitive market.