project44 Introduces Transit Time API to their Portfolio of LTL Products

New API Offers Unprecedented, Free Technology to Manage Transit Time

CHICAGO (March 22, 2016) – Launched in 2014, project44 has quickly become the trucking and logistics standard for web-service APIs (Application Program Interfaces) in the $37B domestic LTL market. The project44 platform remedies connectivity issues that have been plaguing the industry for decades by connecting shippers and third-party logistics firms (3PLs) with their transportation carriers through a standardized network of 700+ APIs. Today, the progressive Chicago-based technology company announces the launch of a new, free LTL Transit Time API to their portfolio of Freight API products.

With the Transit Time API enabled, LTL carriers are able to revise their transit time data on their own schedule, managing transit times in their own database and then transmitting that information via project44 directly to potential customers. Carriers no longer need to coordinate separate SMC3 CarrierConnect databases files. Since project44’s technology decreases transactional and administrative work, it allows LTL carriers to spend time on revenue generating activities.

The Transit Time API’s innovative cost-structure and ease-of-use provides LTL carriers with an unprecedented level of flexibility to update transit time. As carriers supply more transit times that reflect live conditions, shipper and 3PL users will have increased visibility and confidence in the carrier selection process. Ultimately, reducing total freight costs across the industry and enabling more flexible operations for all parties.

“Technology should facilitate the flow of information throughout the freight industry, strategically driving the industry forward with increased efficiency,” said Tommy Barnes, president of project44. “Our customers continue to request we add new APIs to remove manual activities that are unnecessarily cumbersome and expensive with legacy systems. Rather than gateway our services at high costs, project44 represents a new generation of scalable technology systems intended to propel large-scale connectivity between all trucking and logistics players.”

The caliber of lower cost, real-time connectivity enabled by project44’s APIs is unprecedented in the LTL market and enables a new level of proactive freight transportation management and dynamic network optimization. The shift towards more efficient, cloud-based technologies available via APIs is accelerating IT innovation across all industries, not only trucking and logistics. Chris Saad, Uber’s Head of Product for its developer platform commented, “APIs create an ecosystem of shared success, move markets and change the world.”

More about project44 Cost Structure

project44 never charges to connect a carrier to the API network.

For any shipper and 3PL that signs up for project44’s new Transit Time API by December 31st, 2016, the service will be provided free of charge. For more information about project44’s Transit Time API promotion, please email or contact the sales team directly at 312-376-8883.