project44 Launches State-of-the-Art Rail Visibility Solution

The technology provider continues to lead the industry with the most comprehensive single-source of real-time multimodal visibility data.

Supply chain visibility has become the top priority as manufacturers and retailers fight to keep up with rising consumer demands. Given that rail freight is an important link in many end-to-end supply chains, top shippers have been looking to improve their ability to gather, share, and leverage accurate rail transportation data. Today, project44 announced the launch of a new rail visibility API intended to increase end-to-end information symmetry by eliminating the shipment visibility gaps across the American and Canadian rail networks.

The new offering delivers project44’s growing customer-base the ability to track rail shipments in real-time from origin to destination Standard Point Location Code (SPLC). Types of visibility functions supported include both live status updates and historical data reviews, illustrating 1) shipments on hold, 2) when shipments have been ramped or left the origin location, 3) when shipments have reached an interchange or departed/switched trains, and 4) if the equipment has reached the final destination and was de-ramped.

This rail API product announcement is delivered on the heels of the technology provider’s newly enhanced Truckload visibility solution. p44 now offers the industry’s most comprehensive single-source of accurate, realtime multimodal visibility data by integrating the industry’s largest network of Less-than-Truckload, Volume LTL and Partial Truckload, Full Truckload, and Rail capacity providers. When working in harmony as a component of their multimodal shipment lifecycle automation solution, project44 delivers seamless interoperability between a shipper and 3PL’s carriers, technology systems, and customers.

“Our newly released rail API ties into a larger suite of hyper-connected visibility and automation products designed to eliminate transportation blind spots across four modes of transportation,” stated project44 CTO, Mike Reed. “In addition to enabling deeper transparency, project44 is focused on improving predictability throughout the entire supply chain. Our advanced reporting, exception management, and notification architecture has been designed for multimodal consumption and now incorporates rail as a fourth mode of transportation, empowering our customers with the most accurate information about where their shipments are and when they will get to where they are supposed to be.”

Ready to start tracking rail shipments? Here is what you can expect in terms of integration and stetup:

  • This rail visibility offering includes REST API endpoints for full automation and integration into a proprietary or third-party technology platform, such as a TMS, ERP, WMS, or OMS.
  • project44’s industry leading onboarding processes and customer support includes cloud-based Swagger API documentation, software development kits (SDKs) for both Java and C#, sample code, and a dedicated sandbox runtime environment for testing.
  • Customers have been up and running in as little time as a single week.
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