project44 Offers Real-Time Freight Transportation Management by Offering Standardized Web Service API Integrations

Technology Company Establishes Cloud-Based Alternative to EDI

CHICAGO – July 17, 2015 – project44, a progressive Chicago-based technology company, has introduced standardized web service APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to the freight industry to allow for instant, real-time connections from shippers and 3PLs to carriers.

For years, web service APIs have transformed industries. From the ability to shop online to mobile banking, web services are the connections that make it possible for data to be transmitted from one computer to another in real-time, increasing productivity and revenue for businesses. Now, project44 is powering the global supply chain through web service APIs for real-time freight transportation management, eliminating the use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and instantly creating value and an enhanced experience for customers.

“project44 is revolutionizing the way shippers, 3PLs and carriers communicate. EDI connections have been the standard in the freight and logistics industry since data was communicated electronically for the first time decades ago,” said project44 Chief Technology Officer, Wally Ibrahim. “The stage is set for a massive technology upgrade, and web services are the next-generation solution and key to moving the industry forward. API integrations allow businesses to communicate together securely in real-time, allowing them to run more cost-effectively as they grow, paving the way for increased customer satisfaction.”

After investing years of development effort to create the technological infrastructure, project44 has standardized hundreds of API connections to carriers, making it possible for shippers and 3PLs to instantly exchange real-time freight data with their preferred carriers. As a cloud-based alternative to EDI, businesses that integrate project44’s APIs into their pre-existing TMS (Transportation Management System) will avoid the shortfalls and connectivity issues associated with EDI, allowing employees to focus their efforts on better serving their customers.

project44 has streamlined and standardized the process of connecting to freight APIs, eliminating the time it would take for IT teams to write their own web service connections. By writing one simple API connection to project44, shippers and 3PLs are able to instantly connect with carriers to pull relevant transportation data in real-time. project44’s core services include APIs for:

  • Rating – displays carriers’ rate quotes for shippers and 3PLs in seconds
  • Dispatch – automatically adds pick-up requests into a carrier’s system
  • Tracking – allows access to instantly updated shipment statuses at any point during freight transit
  • Image Retrieval – automatically pulls Bill of Lading, Weight & Inspection documentation and Proof of Delivery
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