project44 Partners with KeepTruckin to Deliver Predictable Transportation Visibility

CHICAGO, IL (April 24, 2018) — project44 (p44), the largest digital transportation and logistics network, today announced a partnership with KeepTruckin to facilitate ELD and GPS-based data visibility. Utilizing KeepTruckin’s advanced technology to extract valuable data and insights, project44 customers are able to leverage the most extensive ETA and location information to remain proactively in control of their loads at all times. With this partnership, project44 extends the largest ELD and telematics network in trucking and logistics even further.

KeepTruckin provides customers a fully compliant ELD solution with a comprehensive suite of features, including: GPS tracking, IFTA reporting, idle time tracking, and vehicle diagnostics. KeepTruckin recently raised $50 million and aims to bring greater efficiency and safety to the trucking industry through an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be accessed from any device.

“We’ve entered into a new era of trucking where technology allows carriers, drivers, and shippers to optimize their day-to-day activities,” stated Greg Glenn, KeepTruckin’s Strategic Partner Manager. “KeepTruckin’s partnership with project44 allows drivers to run at capacity while providing shippers confidence knowing their loads will be delivered on time.”

In today’s on-demand world, global enterprises need simplicity, predictability, and optimization, which can only be achieved through instant access to high-quality, reliable data, and an extensive network of top providers. With the customer’s consent, location data gathered through KeepTruckin’s top rated ELD solution is seamlessly connected into project44’s one-to-many network. As project44’s network standardizes billions of individual data feeds into a single system, customers gain access to one big picture view of everything that matters across their transportation ecosystem without draining IT resources.

“Our customers need to know precisely when inventory will arrive at their destination, so both the suppliers and retailers can ensure that the end customer finds the products that they’re looking for, when they want them,” stated project44 President Tommy Barnes. “We are honored to partner with a market leading ELD provider like KeepTruckin to help global enterprises unlock a massive collection of location data and quickly turn it into business opportunities, enabling a more confident and predictive movement of product.”

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