project44 Unveils Annual List of Preferred Carriers

project44 preferred carriers 2024

project44 recognizes carriers who go above and beyond to help customers achieve a High-Velocity Supply Chain

CHICAGO – April 23, 2024 – Today, project44, the leading High-Velocity Supply Chain Platform, announced its 2024 list of Preferred Carriers. The Preferred Carriers Program was created in 2020 to recognize top performing carriers who demonstrate excellence in connectivity, fidelity and milestone completeness. This year also featured an expansion of the Program to include Ocean carriers, in addition to over-the-road carriers. 

The 2024 list features 3,580 dedicated carriers across 70+ countries forming an elite group of less than 2% of project44’s extensive carrier network. Carriers in this year’s list range from individual owner operators to multinational enterprises, with the number of eligible carriers increasing by nearly 40% from 2023 to 2024. 

“The project44 team celebrates the significant strides carriers have made in improving their connectivity and data quality,” said Javier Aresti, VP Global Network at project44. “I’m excited to see carriers continue to drive data quality, as it’s increasingly important for both customers and carriers. This commitment to excellence aligns with our mission to provide best-in-class visibility solutions to help customers achieve a High-Velocity supply chain.” 

The carriers included in the program are evaluated based on shipment volume, data availability and the quality of data provided. They have shown a consistent commitment to providing high-quality, real-time data availability across the project44 platform. 

Benefits of being named a Preferred Carrier include gaining greater visibility and access to project44’s extensive customer base, which includes thousands of shippers, LSPs (Logistics Service Providers), technology providers and freight forwarders, who rely on project44 for real-time visibility and increased supply chain velocity. These carriers also experience an increase in shipment volume year-over-year due to the high level of performance provided to customers. 

These benefits do make a difference and we’re honored to share direct carrier feedback: 

“Estes Express Lines is proud to be included on project44’s Preferred Carrier List for 2024,” said Kenny Hood, Director Sales Engineering & Support at Estes Express Lines. “As one of the largest LTL carriers on the project44 platform, we’ve been able to focus on the digitization of the LTL lifecycle across our 125+ mutual customers. This includes streamlining processes such as rating, dispatch, eBOL, tracking, imaging and more. This partnership allows us to enhance visibility and efficiency for our customers, providing real-time insights into their shipments. We believe that embracing best-in-class technology is crucial to delivering the highest levels of service and value to our customers, and project44 enables us to achieve that goal.” 

“We are extremely committed to compliance,” TQL President Kerry Byrne said. “The vast majority of our loads are tracked through our proprietary application and partners like project44. It is an honor to be acknowledged with the 2024 Preferred Carrier Award from project44.”

To become a carrier of choice, Preferred Carriers have: 

  1. Ensured they are connected and ready to share real-time visibility data to project44. For more information on connecting to project44, please visit project44’s carrier webpage
  2. Joined Movement by logging in to their project44 account. Movement allows users to gain total visibility, proactively fix tracking issues, and deliver an outstanding customer experience. With Movement, carriers get access to visibility, simplified. For more information on Movement, check out project44’s carrier experience

View the full list of 2024 Preferred Carriers here.