RAM Tracking Partners with project44 to Deliver Predictable Transportation Visibility

Vehicle telematics provider, RAM Tracking, has partnered with project44 to facilitate GPS-based visibility enabling drivers to run at capacity while providing retailers, manufacturers, distributors and logistics providers accurate and dynamic delivery ETAs.

project44 is the world’s leading advanced visibility platform for shippers and third-party logistics firms. To ensure fast and frictionless connectivity, project44 has prebuilt connections to thousands of global multimodal carriers and telematics devices, providing access to over 8.5 million vehicles worldwide. As project44’s platform standardises billions of individual data feeds into a single system, customers gain access to one big picture view of everything that matters across their multimodal supply chains without draining IT resources.

The partnership grants project44 authorised and real-time access to the data collected by RAM Tracking’s telematics systems, including vehicle locations. Every fleet that uses RAM Tracking’s products will now have the option to provide free visibility to their end customers.

Scott Chesworth, operations director at RAM Tracking commented:

“In recent years, conquering the last mile has become more important than ever. The wave of e-commerce is constantly growing, making partnerships such as that between RAM Tracking and project44 a natural progression. After all, three to five working days is no longer fast enough for many people!

“project 44’s innovative data sharing concept brings a multitude of benefits to its customers. Not only does it give distribution companies a solution to this tricky last mile logistics challenge, it also provides small fleets with the opportunity to work with businesses they may not have had chance to before.

“From pick-up to delivery, businesses can monitor the whole journey using tracking systems such as our own. The process is a win for everyone involved, improving both productivity and efficiency. We look forward to working with project44 for many years to come.”

TJ Schaefer, Vice President of carrier strategy and operations at project44, commented:

“Our partnership with RAM Tracking enables Haulers to use their existing RAM Tracking telematics devices to satisfy their customers’ growing demand for visibility. We’re excited to continue to work with RAM Tracking to help solve this global and industry-wide visibility challenge.”