Shippers Gain on-Demand, Real-Time Access to Carrier Documentation as U.S. Bank Freight Payment Integrates with project44

ORLANDO, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–project44 announced today at LINK2019: RILA’s Retail Supply Chain Conference that, through a partnership with U.S. Bank, a provider of industry-leading freight payment solutions, they have integrated the project44 Advanced Visibility Platform into the U.S. Bank Freight Payment solution. This integration delivers on-demand, real-time access to carriers’ Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Less-than-Trailer (LT) freight documentation. Shippers can now instantly view carriers’ bills of lading, invoices, delivery receipts, and weight certificates with a single click. This capability helps automate the audit exception process, reducing the time spent needed to approve freight bills and ultimately improving carriers’ days sales outstanding.

“U.S. Bank Freight Payment exists to increase efficiencies and streamline collaboration between shippers and carriers, and we continue innovating to make invoice processing and payment a better experience for both parties,” said John Hardin, senior vice president and general manager, U.S. Bank Global Transportation. “With the project44 platform, we are enhancing shipper freight payment experiences and helping carriers get paid faster. We are excited to leverage the project44 Advanced Visibility Platform to automate more manual processes in the future – providing more benefits to both shippers and carriers.”

Previously, getting the proper paperwork to resolve audit exceptions required emailing or calling the carrier and could take as long as 72 hours. By integrating the project44 Advanced Visibility Platform, U.S. Bank Freight Payment can now provide shippers with real-time access to relevant audit exception documents from project44’s industry-leading global network of more than 175,000 carriers.

Todd Wilson, director of revenue management and customer integration, YRC Worldwide – one of the world’s largest transportation and shipping companies, and a U.S. Bank Freight Payment customer – added, “Our shippers increasingly demand more and faster access to freight documentation and other information they need to optimize their supply chains. The new capabilities delivered by U.S. Bank Freight Payment and project44’s partnership help us meet this need in a customer-centric way, by letting shippers access the audit exception documentation they want, in real-time. Plus, it frees our staff up from gathering and sending documentation, so they can work on more strategic, value-creating initiatives.”

“Our work with U.S. Bank Freight Payment shows Advanced Visibility goes beyond just providing more accurate and predictive shipment tracking information – it delivers end-to-end supply-chain visibility, including automation of payment and other key transportation processes,” said Tommy Barnes, president of project44. “From the moment a company begins planning a shipment, to the point that they pay freight charges, our platform gives folks across the supply chain the real-time information they need to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, improve shipping performance, and deliver an Amazon-like experience to their customers. U.S. Bank has led the industry with its freight payment offering, so it makes sense they are among the first to integrate an advanced visibility platform into a freight payment solution.”

To learn more about how project44 and U.S. Bank Freight Payment are working together to empower companies to ship more efficiently and deliver greater customer satisfaction, visit project44 at Booth 408 and U.S. Bank Freight Payment at Booth 1402 at LINK2019.

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