5 Ways Machine Learning Makes Visibility More Valuable

AI. Machine learning. Data science. Without context behind them, these have become the most overused buzzwords of 2023 (and 2022 for that matter). But these advanced technologies aren’t just hype – they have the potential to completely redefine the landscape for supply chain professionals.

What if you could cut through the noise to understand exactly how machine learning and other advanced technologies can solve the most complex shipping problems, make your day to day easier, and your supply chain run more efficiently?

With the right technology, it’s possible to confront challenges of bad data quality, poor ETA accuracy, subpar tracking quality, and clunky platforms, helping you make sense of your supply chain and manage through disruption.

We’ll cover all these things and more in our webinar. Join us to uncover actionable use cases and articulate five ways machine learning can deliver specific value.

We’ll dive into use cases for:

  • Smart Geofences
  • Predictive Truckload ETAs
  • Fixing Ocean Carrier Data
  • Predictive Ocean ETAs
  • Movement GPT