How Dedicated Systems Improved Operations and Relationships with project44


Dedicated Systems, Inc. is a family-owned and operated mid-size carrier service that takes great pride in their successful delivery rate. To offer customers and drivers the best experience possible, they looked for the latest tracking and communication technology. Since joining the project44 Carrier Network, Dedicated Systems has strengthened relationships with their customers by streamlining operations and improving communication.

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A major challenge that Dedicated Systems was handling, which many carriers experience, was being able to manage the numerous requests from customers wanting to know where their loads were. Their dispatchers were inundated with daily check calls and emails requesting real-time status updates. The dispatchers spent a significant amount of time accessing their tracking systems to try and get updates from drivers in order to return that information to customers. 

These check calls typically took up to five minutes each, taking valuable time away from the dispatcher’s other responsibilities, like helping drivers concentrate on routes and roadways and safely delivering their cargo. Dedicated Systems needed a way to reduce check calls and keep their customers informed and satisfied.


Dedicated Systems chose to integrate with project44 via their ELD provider to avoid using their drivers’ personal cell phones for tracking. The integration process was quick and easy thanks to project44’s partnership with over 600 ELD/​telematics providers and their dedicated carrier onboarding team. 

Thanks to project44’s strict data privacy guidelines, Dedicated Systems doesn’t have to worry about data security and understands that their loads are only tracked when a shipment is out for delivery and ends after completion. They can rest assured that their ELDs are only being used to collect GPS and location information in order to create an estimated time of arrival (ETA) that is automatically shared with the customers.

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