How Gebrüder Weiss Secures High Value Goods with project44


Gebrüder Weiss, a specialist for high-end logistics solutions, became aware of the growing risk of thefts when handling transport of high value goods. Advanced Visibility has provided insight into where their shipments are at any given time.


While handling with an increasing risk of thefts when transporting high value goods, Gebrüder Weiss saw a growing demand from their customers to have an operational overview of the transport.


project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform™ allows Gebrüder Weiss to track and monitor any vehicle defined in their secure corridors. If a vehicle leaves the secure corridor or makes an unscheduled stop at a non-secure parking location, Gebrüder Weiss will be notified and be able to take the appropriate actions. 

Gain visibility into your shipments.