6 Questions for Carriers to Ask Shippers About Their Real-Time Visibility Platform

As more and more shippers move to gain real-time visibility across their supply chains, carriers are bombarded with requests to share data to one platform, app, or another tool.

But how can you evaluate these requests and be confident that you’re not signing away control over your private information?

Read on for the key questions to ask your customer’s real-time visibility provider.

1. Will it cost me anything to share data through your platform?

Some real-time visibility platforms market their solutions as being free for carriers. They forget to mention that the carrier must pay to share their data after joining the network. Make sure to ask your shippers’ real-time visibility partner whether there will be a cost to you to provide visibility to your customers.

Joining the project44 network is 100% free for carriers with no contracts or hidden costs.

2. How long will it take?

Time is money and you likely don’t have hours to waste on non-revenue generating activities, so be sure to find out how much time you’ll need to set aside to join a particular RTV platform.

Joining the project44 network takes only five minutes. We’re also making it even easier, with one-click sign-up with select ELD/telematics devices coming soon.

3. What do I actually have to do?

You may not have a whole lot of technology experience so find out exactly what’s involved – joining an RTV platform should be easy.

project44’s hassle-free, self-service onboarding process couldn’t be simpler – just create an account, connect your telematics or TMS system, and go. And, if you do have any trouble, project44 will connect you with onboarding experts who speak your language to quickly get you back on track.

4. How many shippers and 3PLs are on your platform?

Juggling multiple apps can get frustrating. Real-time visibility platforms provide a single application for carriers to share data with multiple customers – the more customers the provider has, the better for you, so be sure to ask which shippers use the platform.

project44 is the world’s leading real-time visibility platform that tracks more than 1 billion shipments annually for more than 900 global brands.

5. Is my data safe?

Before signing up for an RTV platform, you and your team need to know what data is shared, how it will be used, and, most importantly, how it will be protected. How does your customer’s RTV provider handle data privacy and security? Do they comply with data privacy regulations like GDPR or CCPA? Do they have the latest data security certification, e.g., ISO 27001?

project44 uses sophisticated geofencing technology to ensure that data is shared only during an active customer shipment – from pick up to delivery – and no more. We don’t receive any data which does not relate to an active customer shipment – your customers don’t need it so why would we? This also applies to Hours of Service data.

As a project44 carrier, you choose what data to share, with whom, and when, knowing that we will protect it.

6. What’s in it for me?

We all understand that shippers want real-time visibility, but you’ve gotten along just fine without it until now, so why bother?

Real-time visibility platforms don’t work without data, so RTV providers need to get carriers involved. Ask your customer’s RTV partner how joining their network will benefit your business.

project44’s real-time visibility platform is helping more than 140K carriers reduce customer check calls by up to 80% and secure profitable loads with top global brands and 3PLs.

Find out more about the world’s largest carrier network. Or if you’re ready to join, sign up here.