Enhancing SAP BNL Connector: Introducing Parcel Integration with project44

To manage supply chains effectively, seamless integration and real-time tracking are key. project44 now integrates with the SAP Business Network for Logistics (BNL) Global Track & Trace product for Parcel visibility, giving mutual customers the ability to track parcel shipments directly from BNL through project44. Additionally, SAP customers receive all real-time event and ETA updates for parcel shipments pushed directly to their SAP BNL tenant from project44 with an out-of-the-box solution.

This integration gives SAP BNL customers access to predictive modeling for parcel tracking using the latest AI and ML technology based on project44’s learnings from tracking more than 1 billion shipments in the past 12 months.

This new integration builds on top of the modes for tracking that are already supported between project44 and SAP including Ocean, Air, Truckload, and Less-Than-Truckload. Prior to this integration, mutual project44 and SAP BNL customers would need to build directly to project44 APIs or initialize a shipment through flat file to track parcel.

The integration provides convenience, efficiency, and real-time tracking, serving as a valuable addition to any existing supply chain workflows.

An Important Step Forward for Supply Chain Visibility

This integration represents an important step forward in supply chain visibility and management. It brings project44 closer to achieving full parity between its SAP BNL connector and project44’s tracking API suite, offering a comprehensive tracking solution for a wide range of transportation modes and is the first of its kind in the supply chain industry to do so.

project44’s partnership with SAP continues to be a co-innovative relationship allowing us to build together as we work to make supply chains more efficient. This best-of-breed partnership connects bi-weekly to drive a 12-month roadmap servicing the largest enterprises across the globe.

You can learn more about this integration and project44’s partnership with SAP here.