Premiere Partnership

SAP and project44: Helping Shippers Manage and Improve Data-Driven Supply Chains

Premiere Partnership

SAP Logistics Business Network, powered by project44’s high-fidelity data, enables a connected supply chain based on real-time quality insights. Taking advantage of this native integration with SAP Logistics Business Network, customers can make smarter decisions, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies, all of which are critical to delivering a better customer experience.

Global End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

The partnership with project44 enriches SAP Logistics Business Network by providing access to the largest and fastest growing carrier network, including connections to hundreds of thousands of carriers worldwide and comprehensive coverage across over 760 ELD and telematics providers. To help users connect to all of their carriers and scale as they partner with new providers, project44 provides enables quick and efficient carrier onboarding to help users connect to all of their carriers and scale as they partner with new providers.

With this unique partnership, project44 aims to enrich SAP Logistics Business Network with real-time shipment visibility across all modes as well as business process collaboration from contracting to settlement over time – starting with ready-to-run integration for road transportation visibility in North America and Europe for the freight collaboration option for SAP Logistics Business Network. 

Users gain access to high-fidelity visibility data through one flexible and seamless experience that:

  • Connects and automates
  • Provides visibility
  • Accelerates informed decisions
  • Offers a reimagined customer experience

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