How Carriers are Growing Business with Transportation Visibility

Shippers and 3PLs rely on real-time transportation visibility to gain shipment location updates and insight into when their freight will arrive. With carriers at the center of the industry, they are critical for real-time visibility.

As the adoption of transportation visibility technology has picked up quickly over the last several years, carriers have been asked to connect with visibility providers and provide real-time shipment status updates to their customers, creating an opportunity for carriers to differentiate their service with visibility. Our data shows that truckload carriers visible on the project44 network are four times more likely to win freight and new customers.

A Growing Expectation for Transportation Visibility

Beck Trucking, an independently owned trucking company in North Carolina, was facing this exact request from customers. Nick Beck, owner of Beck Trucking, noticed an increase of customers asking for real-time visibility. Some customers were even requiring the ability to gain shipment location information through providers like project44.

As Beck won business because they were providing real-time visibility, he realized the company would need to provide this service in order to keep customers happy. However, he soon learned how visibility would help him improve operations and grow his business.

Beck Trucking

Watch an interview with Nick Beck to hear why he connected to the project44 carrier network.

3 Ways Real-Time Visibility Can Help Carriers Grow Business

While Nick Beck joined project44’s carrier network at a customer’s request, there are numerous ways carriers can benefit from real-time visibility. Here are three ways visibility technology can help carriers win more business and increase efficiency.

1. Delivering a Superior Customer Experience

Shippers and 3PLs are asking carriers to provide shipment location information because this insight allows them to manage issues and helps them with their overall transportation planning. By joining project44’s network, carriers are able to offer this valuable information.

As carriers, shippers, and 3PLs look for ways to improve collaboration within their network, real-time visibility allows everyone involved to work off the same updated and accurate data.

2. Eliminating Check Calls for Drivers and Dispatchers

Real-time visibility eliminates the need to call drivers for their location or status updates. All of this information is available to the customer along with predictive estimates of when the shipment will arrive. Drivers can focus on driving without the need to stop for check calls.

What’s even more important to drivers is that project44 tracks the shipment, not the driver. Once a shipment is complete, so is tracking.

3. All Without Additional Costs or Time-Consuming Processes

Joining project44’s network is free for carriers. They can improve the customer experience without additional costs. Additionally, once a carrier joins the network, drivers don’t need to worry about it. With many new technologies and applications that carriers are asked to use, they are reaching a point of app fatigue, creating hesitation around adopting more and more technology. By connecting to project44 through ELD devices or APIs, drivers don’t need to worry about another app.

Watch the video interview with Nick Beck of Beck Trucking to learn more about project44’s carrier experience.

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