How project44’s Visibility Benefits Carriers

Visibility is something your customers and partners are starting to need and expect. But while the industry tends to focus on the ways visibility benefits shippers, logistics service providers, and their shared customers, the benefits to carriers is often overlooked. In fact, as a carrier or driver, the industry’s trend towards increased visibility impacts your day to day jobs quite a bit.

Here are some of the ways visibility and connecting with project44 benefits you.

Eliminating Check Calls

When you’re on the road or sleeping or resting between legs of a trip, few things are more distracting and intrusive than getting phone calls asking for updates. These calls take up your time, they distract you from driving, and they’re an understandable nuisance. These calls happen because customers want to be informed about their shipment’s ETA, and if they don’t have that information they will reach out in order to get it.

With the information we get by your ELD/telematics or API connection, we can give your customers status updates eliminating the need for check calls. You can focus on your job without having to worry about being bothered and taking time out of your day to respond to phone calls or emails. Everyone has the information they need when they need it.

Reduced Dwell Times

Time is money for carriers. We totally get that, and we want to help you get the most out of your efforts. The ELD mandate came with a strict update to Hours of Service requirements, and every second you spend at the dock counts against the time you can spend on the road. If a delay at a dock is long enough, it can cause you to miss your next pickup window as well. We know all too well that the delays and the fines associated with missing delivery windows can put a strain on your relationships with end customers and brokers alike. When you are more efficient, the industry takes notice. It’s good for your business.

With the location data provided by our connection, project44 is able to give teams at the docks more visibility into when you will arrive. It gives them more time and accuracy to prepare and have the appropriate staff on hand. This produces a much faster, more efficient pickup or delivery process resulting in a reduction in dwell time. You get in and out faster and spend more time on the road where your time is most valuable to you.

The benefits aren’t only financial. In fact, FMCSA estimates that longer detention times contribute to a higher rate of on-road accidents. Simply put, reducing dwell times makes your job safer to do. There’s nothing more important than making the roads safer for you and other drivers.

Happier Customers, Repeat Business, and Higher Profit Margins

Logistics is a business of relationships. The stronger your relationships are with your partners, the better everything tends to work. This is best reflected by the dispatch function. Dispatchers want to keep their customers informed, but they also want to spend less time tracking shipments and more time finding quality loads. When you share your tracking data with project44, dispatch doesn’t have to spend as much time manually tracking loads and making check calls. They have more time to focus on the needs of the driver and finding better loads, and those loads can be tracked without manual intervention. Your team is bothered less, customers are more informed, the quality of your loads increases, and you’re able to win repeat business thanks to the efficiency you help your customers provide. Everyone wins.

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Our Commitment to Data Privacy

We understand the concerns you have over privacy. We don’t want somebody looking over our shoulder while we work either. We want to make it clear that this isn’t about tracking you. It’s about communicating arrival times to the people waiting for the load you’re carrying. It’s about giving dockworkers ample time to prepare for your arrival so that they can get you in and out faster. It’s about creating a more efficient supply chain so that everyone can achieve more success, and you’re an important part of that.

We take great care to ensure your privacy as carriers and drivers. We only track your truck for the duration of a load. We do not track in between shipments. We respect your privacy. We also follow strict data protection regulations to ensure your data is safe. We do not redistribute or resell your data and we let you determine who you share your data with and you can stop at any time. We do not share Hours of Service data.

Your trust is everything to us. We will earn it and we will keep it.

Increased visibility is good for the entire supply chain. As a carrier, it’s becoming an expectation for your customers and brokers. The good news is that increased visibility brings direct benefits to you, and as visibility continues to improve across supply chains, those benefits are certain to grow.