Managing Uncertainty in Ocean Shipping

If supply chain professionals have learned anything from the last couple of years it’s that the only thing that’s certain is uncertainty. COVID, a massive blockage at the Suez Canal, and more recently the outbreak of war in Ukraine, have strained even the most prepared logistics professionals. Add in multiple climate crises, stubborn inflation, and fluctuating demand, and supply chain execs are left wondering how to possibly prepare for whatever is coming next.

Given all this disruption, it’s no wonder that year-over-year port congestion is up, as are vessel berth times along with shipment and transit delays in two major regions.

Port Congestion

So what’s a concerned supply chain professional to do?

When it comes to managing maritime disruptions and insecurity, having the right tools and strategies in place is key. An Advanced Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platform (RTTVP) like the one provided by project44 that offers a full suite of solutions can help logistics professionals manage door-to-door ocean planning, procurement, booking, shipment visibility, transportation exception management, customer transparency, and more.

Because when supply chain execs are equipped with a full suite of ocean shipping solutions, they’re empowered to take action to make adjustments in production and distribution to offset lengthened lead times. They can reroute shipments to less congested ports and better manage overall supply chain flows.

You can learn more about the importance of RTTVP for ocean shipping and how to better manage ocean disruptions in our eBook, Why Ocean Shippers Need More Than Just Tracking, here.

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