Movement for Carriers is Here: Introducing A New Era in Carrier Experience

The time is now for carriers looking to take control of supply chain visibility and elevate your operational performance. It’s possible with Movement, the industry-leading supply chain visibility platform that enables shippers, carriers, and logistics professionals to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Starting today, FTL carriers can use Movement to access an analytics-powered view of all of your shipment data. Movement allows you to:

  • View details of all shipments tracked with project44
  • Filter shipment lists to find exactly what you need and save these lists for easy future access
  • Export data to analyze offline or share links to individual shipments for fast problem solving
  • Monitor your visibility data quality, such as tracking % and on time delivery percentage with simple dashboards

Read on to learn more about the benefits of making the jump to Movement.

Edited Carrier of Choice

Become a Carrier of Choice

Movement delivers the transparency, user experience, and product capabilities you need to give your customers higher quality visibility more efficiently, reducing the time you need to spend on compliance requests and escalations. Movement helps you go above and beyond to deliver on your customer’s request for visibility to become their first choice as you help them achieve their visibility goals.

Edited Supply Chain Ops

Reimagine Supply Chain Operations

With Movement, you can not only view shipment details, including project44’s industry-leading ETAs, but also dive into granular information about related shipments, all from a single, user-friendly interface. Movement’s robust filtering helps you surface crucial shipment data effortlessly, whether it’s for a specific customer, shipments projected to be significantly early or late, or shipments not tracking properly.

Data export functionality enables easy offline analysis and collaboration, while the saved views feature ensures you can access the information you need with a single click every time you log in. And if you need to share specific shipment details with customers, colleagues, or other collaborators, Movement makes it seamless with direct email sharing from the platform.

Edited Data Quality Analytics

Leap Forward in Data Quality and Analytics

Movement provides superior data quality capabilities, ensuring consistent data visibility for you and your customers. It empowers carriers with visibility data quality metrics like tracking percentage and on-time delivery performance. If you prefer integrating data into your source systems, Movement also offers API access to your customer’s shipments.

Movement allows you gain total visibility, proactively fix tracking issues, and deliver an outstanding customer experience. With Movement, carriers get access to visibility, simplified.

Existing project44 carriers can get started with Movement today by using your CVOC credentials to login to the platform. New carriers can access Movement by joining the project44 network today. To learn more about how to use Movement, check out the user guide.