project44 and SAP on Navigating Data for Improved Customer Experience

Carriers keep the supply chain moving. No matter what you produce or who your customer is, you rely on carriers to ensure your inventory is transported on time. But when it comes to carriers joining the project44 network, one of the biggest questions we hear is “what’s in it for me?”

As carriers continue to evolve as strategic partners, the need for extensive networking and deeper integration in the supply chain has become more important than ever. To this end we created, and hosted our Virtual Carrier Event, The Digital Age of Trucking – to educate the global trucking community on pressing topics like customer expectations, enhancing the customer experience, frictionless end-to-end visibility and the importance of digitization.

During the event we had the opportunity to hear from industry-leading experts, including an exclusive fireside chat with project44 Founder & CEO Jett McCandless and SAP’s President of Cloud, Brian Duffy.

With more than 15 years of international experience in the technology industry, Brian Duffy is a leader focused on driving customer intimacy, achieving results and harnessing the partner ecosystem to drive innovation and ensure customer success. This coupled with his experience in the Transportation & Logistics field make him an expert source on the current state of the delivery economy and carrier community.

We’re breaking down the highlights:

The Experience Gap

When discussing today’s customer experience, Duffy cites an “experience gap” as a source of disruption for logistics, retail, ecommerce and manufacturing companies alike.

As an example, 80% of CEO’s think they’re delivering a superior experience to their customers, however, only 8% agree with that. This is a perfect example of the “experience gap” – it’s the gap between what is believed to be happening and what is actually happening.

This is why companies have become hyper-focused on delivering great customer experience, and why data from project44 (such as what’s on the truck and locating delays) is crucial – especially as consumer expectations soar. In fact, research conducted by project44 found that delivery expectations remain high even as the world experiences extremes – such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore more of our delivery economy findings here.

Delivering the Best Customer Experience

There are few industries that generate more data than transportation and logistics. The problem is the data is captured in many disparate and disconnected systems. For example, there are systems for finance to process billing and payments, HR for drivers and logistics personnel, warehouse and transportation operations, on board telematics, weather and traffic, and even sensors on trucks to measure not only the truck performance but also what is being transported. These challenges have consequences, bringing into question how companies can offer customers real-time visibility into their logistics operations.

“Customers don’t know how to tap into the data and use it to address problems,” Duffy says. “We’re focused on working with leaders in the transportation and logistics space to develop industry-specific solutions to ensure that there’s clear visibility end to end.”

project44 & SAP Come Together

Both project44 and SAP are focused on delivering five-star customer experiences. Thus, they’ve joined forces to provide frictionless visibility from source to destination.

“There’s a lot we can do together and a lot about this partnership we’re excited for,” Duffy says. “We’re going to be able to connect business partners, like the trucking companies and project44 – the largest carrier network on the planet – to deliver the experience that the customer wants and deserves.”

Together, project44 and SAP will enable the world’s leading organizations to know exactly where orders are during every step of the multimodal journey.