Meet project44’s 2023 Preferred Carriers

At project44, we enable our customers to improve their supply chain operations through real-time visibility. We work closely with carriers to get them connected to our platform and enhance their data. That’s why today we’re celebrating the carriers who demonstrate best practices and provide high-quality data to their customers.

I’d like to extend my warmest congratulations to project44’s 2023 Preferred Carriers. First created in 2020, project44’s Preferred Carrier program recognizes the carriers that go above and beyond to provide an exceptional supply chain visibility experience to their customers. This year’s list includes 2,500+ dedicated carriers in 59 countries across five continents, representing just two percent of project44’s extensive carrier network.

Carriers included in this year’s list range from individual owner operators to multinational enterprises, proving that real-time visibility is not just possible, but beneficial for every type of carrier regardless of size or geography.

Preferred carriers included this year have consistently demonstrated a commitment to maintaining the following criteria:

  • High tracking percentages across multiple loads
  • Have tracked more than 200 loads in a year

The 2,500 carriers that qualify for this distinction gain greater visibility with the thousands of industry-leading shippers, LSPs and freight forwarders that rely on project44 for supply chain visibility. Preferred Carriers also demonstrate a faster volume of shipments created than those not in the program.

Getting started with the project44 carrier network is easy and free. project44 can connect to most GPS providers and APIs thanks to 800+ telematics partners and 70+ TMS integrations. Carriers that join the project44 network:

  • Win more business: Receive load requests when you join the marketplace and gain a competitive edge by offering the industry-leading trackability that shippers demand.
  • Reduce check calls: A project44 integration reduces tracking calls by up to 80% by giving your customers a self-service method for checking shipment status.
  • Onboard in minutes: Connect and manage how and when you share data with shippers from one platform – and know that project44 tracks loads, not drivers. Our system is compliant with top data privacy and security standards including GDPR, CCPA and ISO27001.

Please join me in congratulating this year’s project44 Preferred Carriers! You can view the full list of Preferred Carriers here.