project44 Named One of the Most Innovative Companies in Freight Alongside Amazon

Each year, FreightWaves Research Institute recognizes companies that are transforming the freight industry with the FreightTech award. project44 is honored to rank second out of 100 innovative and disruptive companies for the second consecutive year.

We’re humbled to be in the top 5 with organizations that are transforming the industry, including Amazon—taking the leading spot—Convoy, J.B. Hunt, and KeepTruckin. And we appreciate the support from our community and those who nominated us for the award.

Here are a few reasons why innovation is important and what we’re doing differently to enable our customers to improve their supply chains.

Modernization is Essential in Freight

The transportation and logistics market impacts the entire world and the majority of businesses. In the digital era, eighty-five million packages and documents are delivered around the world every day, and the market is not slowing down. The global logistics market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5%, reaching $15.5 trillion by 2023.

A combination of the market size and impact creates substantial complexities, which is why our mission is to usher in a new era of trust and predictability to transportation and logistics. Everything we do is driven by this mission. To achieve this feat and enable a more productive and successful world, we need to think differently.

Taking a Different Approach

To help leading shippers and logistics service providers transform their supply chains and gain comprehensive visibility, project44 is focused on a unique API-first approach, allowing us to build a global, scalable network and a platform that provides customers with high-fidelity data in real-time.

Network Growth

The logistics space is extremely complex and intertwined. This complexity makes it difficult to keep track of all these partners, carriers, and shipments, which leads to a lack of communication. With so many touchpoints and a rapidly changing ecosystem, gaining visibility across carriers is challenging. Organizations spend a lot of time and money manually connecting with carriers to gain the information needed to meet these changing customer demands.

Because of this, a large network and carrier compliance is incredibly important. project44 has focused on building a strong network of carriers to allow shippers and logistics service providers to easily connect and gain the data they need. Through API connections and integrations with global ELD and telematics devices, project44 has an extensive network with coverage across modes of transportation and various geographies.

With access to this network as well as an application to automate the carrier onboarding process, the Network Management Center, customers can scale their networks and gain value quickly with high-fidelity data about their shipments.

High-Fidelity Insights in Real-Time

In addition to an expansive network, data needs to be high-quality. Because organizations are using this data to make important decisions, data quality has a substantial impact on results. And if the data isn’t available in real-time, it will be too late to make proactive decisions.

project44’s Advanced Visibility Platform ingests, cleanses, and normalizes data, seamlessly and instantly delivering high-fidelity insights to the systems customers rely on daily. project44 also makes it easier for all stakeholders and parties to access these insights, creating better collaboration throughout the entire supply chain. With this quality, real-time data, organizations can improve customer service, reduce costs, improve sustainability, and run a more connected supply chain.

By connecting all of the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers—in any given supply chain—project44 is enabling supply chains to improve collaboration and make more informed and effective decisions with high-fidelity data.

Strategic Partnerships

The modern supply chain works with numerous partners, capacity providers, and technology solutions. By partnering with the leading technology solutions, ELD/telematics devices, and carriers, we’re able to seamlessly integrate with the solutions our customers use every day.

These partnerships allow us to gain more direct and real-time access to tracking information for our customers, creating a more cohesive solution and experience. And by working with the highest quality partners, our customers have confidence that we will provide them with the insight they need.

In Good Company

With a focus on helping organizations transform their supply chains, project44 works with some of the most innovative companies. We’re excited to see many of our partners and customers on this year’s FreightTech 100 list, such as Amazon, Convoy, J.B. Hunt, KeepTruckin, FedEx, Schneider, McLeod Software, Emerge, XPO Logistics, MercuryGate, and more.

These organizations are paving the way for modernization. By collaborating with these industry leaders, we’re able to help move the transportation and logistics space forward, leading to a more efficient future.

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