Project44’s Global Visibility Operations Center Helps Carriers Improve Customer Service to Shippers

Nothing is more important to the health of a carrier’s business than maintaining high levels of satisfaction with its shipper customer base. When it comes to winning over shippers as new customers and retaining existing ones, a carrier has to excel at customer service.

Global VOC Gives Carriers A Customer Service Advantage

Carriers can gain the edge they need in meeting high shipper service expectations by using project44’s Global Carrier Visibility Operation Center (VOC). The Global VOC gives the carrier access to the same metrics that the shippers are using to evaluate their transportation providers on service levels. Equipped with that information, the carrier has the ability to better meet and manage shipper expectations for service.

There’s no charge to the carrier for joining the project44 network and using the Global VOC. Connecting to the project44 platform eliminates the need for the carrier having to make individual connections to multiple shippers or logistics service providers. The Global VOC uses application programming interface (API) technology so the carrier only has to make a single connection to the platform to provide information to its shipper customers. The platform gathers location data from integrations with Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and telematics.

The Many Carrier Benefits of Using the Global VOC

Using the Global VOC offers the carrier a number of benefits to strengthen its service levels with customers. For starters, the Global VOC provides a carrier-centric interface where the carrier can see information on current and past shipments in one central location for an overall performance picture.

The carrier can use the customized dashboard in the Global VOC to create shipment notifications or provide notice about a change of equipment. The dashboard shows the same data available to shipper customers such as real-time tracking, estimated time of arrival (ETAs), and lane performance analytics. By having access to the same metrics the shipper customer uses to evaluate performance, the carrier democratizes the evaluation.

Machine Learning Calculations of ETAs

Because shippers need updates on carrier arrivals to manage the flow of their supply chain, the Global VOC provides real-time updates on shipment arrivals. It uses a special machine learning model to calculate the estimated time of arrivals based on real-time location, traffic and weather information, as well as historical information specific to each customer and carrier. Knowing the exact arrival time for shipments reduces wait times and detention costs.

For carriers hauling refrigerated shipments, the Global VOC can improve cold chain visibility by delivering information on temperature sensitive shipments. Visibility on cold chain shipments can also improve regulatory compliance for shippers transporting special materials.

The Global VOC Enables Pro-active Management

Most importantly, the Global VOC enables collaboration between carriers and shippers to quickly resolve issues in real time. By having the same information as the shipper has on ETAs and exceptions, a carrier is in a position to proactively manage its customer relationships and address any issue.

In today’s competitive transportation market, nothing is more important to shippers than carriers providing a concierge level of customer service. By using the VOC, carriers can improve service levels to wow shippers and, as a result of heightened customer service, grow their customer base.