Real World Examples of Real-Time Visibility: Manufacturing

Part three of a series featuring different industries and how real-time visibility is transforming their supply chains. Part one covered food & beverage and consumer goods, part two covered retail and ecommerce, and part four explores logistics services.

With changes in customer expectations, as well as unpredictable market conditions, real-time transportation visibility is becoming a must-have for every organization – no industry is untouched. From process to discrete manufacturing, manufacturers need to know when materials will arrive and be able to track shipments to thousands of customers and distributors.

While this includes a range of companies — from chemical and petrochemical companies to automotive and apparel manufacturers — each part of the logistics and transportation process can impact production and customer satisfaction.

project44 has seen this rapid growth first-hand working with more than hundreds of global enterprise customers, including the world’s top Fortune 500 companies, and the top industrial machinery manufacturers, as well as the largest home appliances manufacturer in Europe and the second largest worldwide, and the biggest producer of oil in the United States.

Manufacturers across industries trust project44 to gain this critical real-time visibility. 

How Magna Met JIT Delivery Requirements with Real-Time Visibility

A global automotive manufacturer, servicing customers like BMW and Daimler, used visibility to meet the needs of their complex just-in-time (JIT) operation.

With a fragmented market, millions of separate assets and vehicles across numerous points of origin must be coordinated in real-time to arrive in a set order for Magna’s just in sequence production approach.

By gaining real-time visibility, production plants can avoid disruptions or paused production lines to operate at maximum capacity. With project44, Magna has seen a 40% increase in on time deliveries while also doubling shipments without adding headcount.

How Univar Solutions Transformed the Delivery Experience

The world’s largest chemical distributor, Univar Solutions, implemented visibility to meet a company-wide initiative centered on improving the delivery experience, reducing costs and making more data-driven decisions.

Without timely shipments, Univar’s customers were forced to shut down manufacturing, sometimes costing them well over $100,000 per hour. With hundreds of thousands of annual shipments — and tens of thousands of clients — Univar needed real-time, high-quality tracking data to provide the visibility their customers require to plan production.

With project44, Univar Solutions has successfully executed customer-centric transportation and logistics initiatives while also eliminating manual tracking processes and shortening the time it takes to turn transportation insights into actions.

Proving Real-Time Transportation Visibility ROI in Manufacturing

As the need for real-time transportation visibility increases for manufacturers, it helps to quantify the ROI of a visibility platform and understand all of the value you can gain from a solution.

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