How Tgroup doubled driver pool efficiency, reduced emissions, and halved track & trace manual activities with project44


Tgroup is a dynamic and forward-thinking European-based company that provides a comprehensive range of transport and logistics services for all types of goods through a specific distribution network backed by cutting-edge technology and efficient management. The company’s state-of-the-art vehicles of varying capacities and loads enable goods to reach destinations across Italy and Europe efficiently.


Tgroup faced a significant challenge as their customers and clients demanded greater visibility and the option of self-service when it came to shipment tracking. The absence of a real-time transportation visibility platform (RTTVP) meant that tracking and tracing shipments were manual tasks that led to a backlog of work. Tgroup needed a partner with a scalable solution that could improve the customer experience, which has always been a top priority for their organization. Moreover, Tgroup required precise shipment location data displayed on a map view in real-time. 

To increase efficiency and improve planning, the operations managers at Tgroup needed to process information quickly. They needed to improve their route planning, create reports, and analyze data. The previous process allowed only one person to manage a limited number of drivers, hindering the organization’s ability to scale and take on more shipments. Tgroup needed a system that would streamline these processes and increase their operational capacity while delivering on their commitment of providing exceptional customer service. 


Tgroup’s extensive logistics network includes 44 logistics platforms and 60 distribution points strategically located throughout most of Italy’s largest cities. The company continually expands this network by selecting the most functional locations for its logistical services that are near significant industrial agglomerations and main routes of commercial traffic. These facilities cover an area of approximately 150,000 square meters and are well-equipped to handle all types of logistics operations, ensuring that Tgroup can meet all of its customers’ needs. 

To address the challenges and opportunities for improvement, Tgroup searched for a solution that would streamline operations, enhance the customer experience, reduce their carbon footprint, and provide reliable data. In 2021, Tgroup partnered with project44 to achieve these objectives. The partnership enables Tgroup to reduce emissions, improve visibility, and enhance efficiency, while delivering exceptional customer service. 


Tgroup’s partnership with project44 had an immediate impact, allowing the company to reduce the number of calls and emails from clients by providing self-service options and real-time visibility data. Access to accurate data enabled Tgroup to manage twice as many drivers, in turn helping them scale their business and increase operational efficiency.

Access to reliable data also empowered Tgroup’s team to plan more effectively, leading to reduced costs and emissions across 950 vehicles daily at 60 distribution points. The team’s ability to perform their jobs at a higher level was further enhanced through organizational planning, route planning, and reporting, allowing them to find new and better ways to reduce costs and emissions.

Tgroup has also seen improvements in their client relationships, as they now have a holistic view of their operations. During peak season, when a mechanical issue arose with one of their client’s trucks, the information was sent automatically and in real-time, allowing for proactive planning and swift rectification of the situation. The professionalism and efficiency shown during this instance led to increased business from the client.

As a result of their partnership with project44, Tgroup saw:

2x increase in efficiency managing driver pools

Reduced emissions with more efficient route planning

50% reduction in track and trace manual activities

Reduced costs through organizational planning and operations management

Increase in on-time delivery

Enhanced customer experience that has led to more business from existing clients

Tgroup’s strategic partnership with project44 has revolutionized their logistics operations, leading to remarkable gains in efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. By leveraging project44’s real-time transportation visibility platform, Tgroup has successfully doubled driver pool efficiency, significantly reduced emissions through optimized route planning, and halved the manual effort required for track and trace activities. As a result, Tgroup has not only strengthened their position as a leading transport and logistics provider in Italy and across Europe, but also reaffirmed their commitment to sustainability and exceptional customer service.

In my opinion, it is a good platform, particularly because it is user-friendly. This is crucial in our work environment since the operations sector requires different skills, which may not necessarily include expertise in managing various PLA platforms. project44 is unique because it is easy to use.

Maurizio Amato
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

About Tgroup

Tgroup is an ideal partner for businesses with complex and diverse needs. Its structured network allows it to interact with any distribution channel, such as Ho.Re.Ca, Normal Trade, G.D., and D.O., enabling it to perform exceptionally well through every link of the chain while handling the fast-paced demands of the business.

Tgroup offers a complete service that begins with collecting raw materials from the customer’s warehouses and ensuring the safe storage of goods in well-organized warehouses. The company then moves on to process the material, prepare it for pick up, and ship it to the destination with real-time control and tracking service.

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